THIS has never happened to Bitcoin before! 😱US Dollar Crumbling? NRG Energi Review

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*This video was sponsored by Energi for $2500 in BTC

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THIS has never happened to Bitcoin before! 😱US Dollar Crumbling? NRG Energi Review


Geskep deur Sara Bauer en Richard Abermann

22 kommentaar

  1. Its funny how many times is JP Morgan used as reference to support argument against USD but is rubbished they when talk about Bitcoin. I like your channel but this one sounds more like a moon boy video.

  2. Thanks for awesome review on Energi. True, this project, although fairlyfresh”, is doing incredibly good. But I must say, that with very hard working team behind NRG, this isn’t surprising 😊💪 I’m excited that I found out about NRG fairly soon and to had a chance to participate in Earndrop. I’m on board. Love their goals, vision and dedication.

  3. Great insight and honest review of energiRight on target with the Treasury and the upcoming 3.0 releasetransparency is what I see and like a lot. So many exciting things in $NRG’s future. This is long term crypto at its finest.

  4. Awesome cover of the cryptosphere news and of the Energi project 👌
    You really need to watch out for this gem to skyrocket soon as it’s coinmarket rank is pretty low with all the strength points in it.
    High treasury. Decentralized governance system. High Staking/MN reward. Energi 3.0. Energi X.
    See you on the moon everyone 👋🌕

  5. Thank you for your honest and in depth review on Energi and the $NRG coin. A thorough review that was unbiased. The unique self-funding, governance, treasury, earndrop, as well as the future smart contracts, coin migration, and Energi X exchange really puts $NRG in a class of it’s own. I expect we’ll continue to see regular growth toward their goal of world adoption.

  6. Love to part about Energi, in the last day, out preforming Btc. Looking forward to Energi 3.0 and the Energi X exchange that will have no fees.

  7. Great review about impressed with the fact that without an ICO Energi already has a treasury even bigger than Dash that continues to be self funded. This just makes them capable of doing so much with this funding! Marketing, development, building out the NRG ecosystem etcdon’t missed out energi is the future

  8. Energi will be the first leading world cryptocurrency. What differentiate this project from the others is the Treasury, ROI, the amazing team, and the growing community and staking. This is THE REAL GEM. The mass adoption of the NRG coin will be iminent if the team will stick to the plan so in the next month will take place a huge step forward through Energi 3.0 that will facilitate compatibility between Energi Blockchain and Ethereum ecosystem. More to come, Energi X – the 0 fees exchange, Venezuela adoption campaign and more to come. Energi will be the revelation of 2019-2020 and beyond!

  9. Love the potential of Energi NRG. There’s a solid team, solid growth curve on the chart and the staking is the absolute best in the space.

  10. Interesting to see the US Senator admit that they wouldn’t be successful in banning cryptos. I think he’s right. Great take on Energi, I like that you pointed out what you felt were positives and negatives. The Energi community is like no other crypto community I’ve been apart of. People are definitely compounding their masternode/staking rewards and why wouldn’t you if you believe in the project 😜The treasury will allow them to stick around for the long-term.

  11. Energi’s well funded treasury has allowed them to make smart marketing and development decisions to drive the coin well into the top 100. It allows them to act like a successful business which is why you are seeing such great growth from initiatives like their Earndrop campaign, best in class staking and masternode rewards, and roadmap for Energi 3.0 and the no-fee Energi X exchange. Thank you for your very honest and thoughtful review!

  12. The simplicity of the NRG coin is genius. There is nothing out there like it, more than that, the system itself wasn’t thought of before and the real potential is in that phenomena. When I first heard of it, I was like…”Another coin..woopiethen you read the documentation, talk to the community, speak to the main people involved and the next thing you do is realize, “Hey, this is differentthe technical aspect and the way this system works is off the charts, the ROI and stable chart and all elseSimple question folksWhat are you doing sitting here? Get in the pool and take a swim!!!

  13. When it comes to $NRG, transparency and making the right decisions comes to the fore. A great team leading this ship, and a great community as crew all heading towards one destination, worldwide adoption. Every time $NRG reaches more people, what are you waiting for to join the best project? Don’t expect to be told, live your Energi experience.

  14. Energi Community is so strong and what lies ahead on road map is just amazing. Thumbs Up for Energi Team. Well nice video.

  15. In most markets, a ‘new high’ is needed to confirm a breakout. But with bitcoin, when it trades at a perfect price. I’ve always had a special orientation as a business person who helped me a lot in my business. I’ve always had a win option if things don’t go as I imagined and I’m applying the same principle to bitcoins too. This responsibility to earn greatly and still be very safe in the markets and the best of these options is to trade using the experience of a successful trader like Mr. Henry Walker. I have been able to accumulate about 5 bitcoins by using his signals and trade patterns and its really fortunate i met such a person on I want as many as possible to know about him, at least find out what his system entails. You can also contact Mr. Henry on TELEGRAM +14196640708 for instruction on how to be a better investor/trader

  16. Trading crypto is logic, if you don’t have a working and excellent strategy like Henry’s strategy, you will surely lose when the price is not favourable..

  17. No dump in NRG as nrg is one. One coin, one team, one community. Tks for the review and we will see you at the top as we will ride the btc wave.

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