The Litecoin (LTC) Halving Is Approaching. Can The Price Still Pump? HAS MY PLAN CHANGED?

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If You Hold Litecoin WATCH THIS [Litecoin Halving MUST KNOW]

If You Hold Litecoin WATCH THIS [Litecoin Halving MUST KNOW]

Litecoin Block Reward Halving Countdown

Litecoin’s Halving Is Months Away, But Traders May Already Be Pricing It In

Litecoin Hashrate historical chart

Charlie Lee, Founder of Litecoin: Crypto's Decade Long Evolution

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The Litecoin (LTC) Halving Is Approaching. Can The Price Still Pump? HAS MY PLAN CHANGED?

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  1. Happy fireworks day. I’d say independence day but when you have to apply for a license for a permission, that’s not independence.

  2. Guys can you go over Elrond ERD it’s set to be huge says Vitalik with it’s proof of stake sharding doing over 10,0000 transaksies per sekonde

  3. Heya, Austin. Thanks for posting a video even on a holiday! (No rest for the crypto-ed) 🙂

  4. the halving price may have already been factored in when it rose from 22 dollars to 140, my prediction is it will top out around 160 om 170 right on halving

  5. #Litecoin is going to surprise a lot of people this month. It’s been consolidating for several weeks. When it takes off, it’ll shock everyone with how high it goes. But you’re right, it easily could hold off until after the halving officially takes place. 🙂

  6. I’m NOT A financial Advisor, But I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night😉 Happy 4th of JULY !!!

  7. Same here! If things go,
    as well as we hope. I plan on paying myself back for the investment.

  8. I think we’re gonna see a dump 2weeks b4 the halvening .. 31 days left maybe well get a fake out and they push the price to over $150 and then sell and rek everybody’s

  9. my feelings on the Litecoin Halvening:
    1) * Charlie lee has The Litecoin Summit Party this coming Oct 28-29 in Las Vegas:
    ….. AND i believe there will b a ‘Delayed Reactionwith LItecoins prices until or after this get together.
    i believe we see a new all time high for LTC by end of the year AND after the Bitcoin Halvening we see
    another huge run up for LTC…. … just my humble opinion

  10. You need to acknowledge that both LTC halving were in a bear market. We are in early stages of a bull market in crypto in my opinion.

  11. honestly at this point I might just hold my litecoin for a few years. if it crashes, oh well. On the other side if it bulls, well played

  12. Thanks for the updates!

    ja, I’ve been feeling, that MAYBE,

    Bitcoin will reach a super high “TOP”
    During these next 30 dae,

    In which we all would move our gains to Litecoin,

    For its spike, up and through the Halving,

    Allowing BTC to get a breather,
    & prepare to run again

  13. IMO the pump for litecoin has come and gone. Any future increase will only be because BTC goes up.

  14. Very interesting bro keep it up. Unlike what most people think, there is much more to the business of cryptocurrency than just buying, hodling and hoping someday, luck will smile and turn them into millionaires. Well, not like that aint possible especially with the prospects of bitcoin mooning and reaching new height but what if the reverse is the case owing to the very volatile and unpredictable nature of the coin? A higher percentage of investors would have lost hard earned dollars but there are several precautions to take so as to earn greatly and still be very safe in the markets and the best of these options is to trade using the experience of a successful trader like Bento Feliciano. I first contacted him after losing some to hodling and others to poor trade experience but with his guidance, strategies and signals, my profit margin has been very high and consistent. I have been able to accumulate about 5 bitcoins by using his signals and trade patterns and its really fortunate i met such a person on email, bentofeliciano58@gmailcom I want as many as possible to know about him, at least find out what his system entails and tell him i referred you

  15. I Think it is exciting and very interesting times we are in ,Can not wait to see what Will happen in the crypto market??????

  16. Sjoe! See who they are talking about here! Bento Feliciano. I thought I alone has the key to access this genius trader. This is so epic. I am appreciating Bento for his good works as well. Kudos sir


  18. Yep! Great deal. Great news re Łitecoin being added to Flexa Spedn applooking forward to more announcements from the current OKEx sponsored Łitecoin Asian tourref John Kim 77 twitter feed

  19. Good video. I think the ‘sell the news’ aspect of the ŁTC halving May already be priced in. With the addition of Łitecoin to the Flexa Spedn app and more announcements from the Łitecoin Asia Tour due, I’m expecting a a further uptrendref John Kim 77 twitter feed. 🌬….🧜🏽‍♀️

  20. @Lambdacode I agree about drunk drivers (even though it wasn’t the point of OP) but researchers found that having more signs on roads causes more crashes. When no signs ppl drive more carefully

  21. @Rosco Jenkins is that true? Did they take away signs from areas of major cities and counted the incidents? Because what they usually do is say things like :

    Most incidents happen in urban areas, urban areas have the most traffic signs.
    Less incidents happen in rural areas, rural areas have less traffic signs.
    Traffic signs are at fault.

    Usually that’s how it goes, you can use statistics to say anything you want if you don’t use a rigorous method. But if you have sources I’ll gladly read them!

  22. @Rosco Jenkins but to be fair, having an eccessive amount of signs on the roadside is probably worse than having a small amount of needed signs

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