The Bitcoin Game Theory 📈 That Is About To Change Everything. Which Country Will WAKE UP?!

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Singapore Could Embrace Bitcoin First, Pompliano Tells CNBC

Chairman Crapo: "I’m pretty confident we couldn’t succeed" in banning cryptocurrency – Julie 30 2019 van CryptoCurrency

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The Bitcoin Game Theory 📈 That Is About To Change Everything. Which Country Will WAKE UP?!

59 kommentaar

  1. The pomp is the don!! We love him, he is Bitcoins best ambassador. He speaks the truth but doesnt sound like he is selling it, he just says it how it is

  2. I believe Iran will embrace it because of the provocation and sanctions coming from the U.S and Israel governments. 👍👍👍👍

  3. Came in on LTC – 443.0 @ $113.00/LTC gonna hold as long as it takes, just hope I can get out and trade it for BTC at a reasonable price.

  4. We need an alternative to coinbase that does not report people’s history to the state.

  5. Altcoin Daily is in my opinion the best Daily info arround concerning blockchain, BTC and Altcoins.

  6. Sovereign debt cannot be repaid, solution is devaluation of the US $ and then followed by the GBP and the Euro etc. Raising interest rates in the UK to save the GBP might be a necessity, but with so much personal debt, mortgage debt etc it will plunge us into a depression. Printing more money is another option, but that in itself will devalue currency and worsen debt and inflated property prices.
    What is the option ? Who knows, I know one thing, my BITCOIN could hedge me against catastrophe, I have more faith in it than the current sham of so called banksters.

  7. Singapore followed by a bunch of countries including Switzerland, UAE, Wit-Rusland, Ukraine, Japan, Germany and a lot of other islands and countries will embrace BITCOIN !!

  8. You can’t stop itmy sentiments exactly for 6.5 jaar. Originally I was a Bitcoin hater until I realized you can’t stop it

  9. The people need to be the ones to adopt not the governments. The people of the world need to wake up and see the importance of getting away from fiat and corporate and big banks control and embrace a privacy centric decentralized currency. I truly believe it’s the world’s best chance at a positive future.

  10. Totally agree that those who embrace this new tech…egter…those that embrace this will probably creat a world war because this in power will do everything they can to keep it. I pray that doesn’t happenbut for those who truly understand history understand that almost all wars are about control if resources and currency control.

  11. Appreciate you insight ,, feeling like never winning battle@Dis point tryna figure how2EARN MORE WITH OUT🤑🤑??ANY🎚️🔑

  12. I am starting to really consider selling off my coins, after watching your analysis. i am ready to take some action and sell 50% of my coins.

  13. The provocations of a primitive sharia law country that want to have nuclear weapons and constantly try to forment terrorism in the Middle East and elsewhere.

  14. @מיכאל Lamont
    The US also needs a new government. That monster needs to be split into at least 52 parts. Then we will have a world in which each nation minds it’s own business if China doesn’t start the same tyranny.

  15. You could put it as the background to some kind of S.
    as a United States citizen I feel that that is what they have done to the citizens anyway,.

  16. Wanaag Wacan hahahahaha! Sjoe – that’s some fucked Up logic. So a Muslim country that arrests girls for wearing skirts an inch short with actual fashion police will allow and uncontrollable currency in? That’s some good drugs

  17. @Robert Bowman I will also send you an email, you trade ethereum too? i have a few of those as well 2 Bitcoins for sale. Kindly check your inbox for my mail. Dankie.

  18. @B C It sucks? But they are following the law and allowing their customers to follow the law also

  19. @TimeHawkings I was referring to being a 1099 contractor and we use to file once a yearthey changed it to quarterly…..ya it kinda sucks just more paperwork

  20. @Jannib Andelo Bayutas
    I have no idea. I will have to ask my colleague who is from Iran. I don’t believe that whatever exchange they have is available in the west. Aside from that my colleague told my that you can buy cryptos all over the place, directly from other people.

  21. @jchc VV
    The word corruption is a huge understatement. Are you aware that some of these politicians use our tax money to purchase the same little children that theyhelpfor their pedophile activities and sacrificial rituals? I guess not. Governments are a dungeon of evil which can only be stopped when we all stop supporting them with our hard earn money. My suggestion? Anarchy. Stave these kakistocrats and build communities that support each other.
    Question: After they tax my hundred dollars, which is already robbery. Who gives them the right to touch what I earn on it? Isn’t that double criminal? I say, governments do a lot more evil on this planet than they do good. We don’t need them.

  22. @xA18kND1x when has it crashed? You mean the price? There are just as many spikes as crashes. so?

  23. @Kent Good Why are u so lazy or cheap? Why u don’t buy a cold wallet? In this way the coins are in your possession not in an exchange. What if they are hacked or going out of business? Than what? If u have more than $100 in crypto ,take them out and keep them in your cold wallet. Ledger Nano S or Trezor. Be smart!

  24. True. That is great game theory for smaller/medium countries. That will put pressure on the larger countries

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