TEZOS Update, Bitcoin ETF NO, THETA good news, Tipping BTC on Twitter

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It’s all go with the New Kids On The Blockchain this week with Tezos interview, News with Crypto Daily, Jemima Kelly from Alphaville FT on the concept of scarcity in Crypto.

00:00 -06:29 – INTRO
21.05 – 21.50 – THATS ALL FOLKS



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TEZOS Update, Bitcoin ETF NO, THETA good news, Tipping BTC on Twitter

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  1. No one is able to accurately predict the price of Bitcoin, as there are many market factors involved. Some analysts noticed that Bitcoiin doesn’t follow the classic market analysis, so using a regular chart analysis to guess the price might leave you more confused. Factors, such as new developments, market integration, lightning network integrations, and new institutional investments might influence the price, so it would be recommended to trade and make profit instead of just holding ,Having bought just 2 BT at $8,2OO and held a little i started trading using his signals and have grown my portfolio to over 7BT. A competent guide by all ramifications is all it takes to be a profitable trader and frank is one of such competent hands that has made an impact on the crypto spaces. He can be contacted via mail franktrading99@gmail. Com or via telegram: +1 (661) 372-0157

  2. I have watched frank’s TA a couple of time, and i must confess it was a proof of his brilliance

  3. “Bitcoin is a new technology, and as such, we don’t yet know what its end use will be. Everyone has their theory, but as with all new technologies, no-one can be certain, which makes its narrative changeable, but trading with frank’s program and increasing my portfolio is what has made me survive the crash in price

  4. Yo New Kids, another brilliant video as always. Even if all of your guests were terrible you 2 would make it worth watching. I genuinely can’t understand why you don’t have at least 100k subscribers.

    Craig Cobb from Trader Cobb (who you interviewed in the past I believe) is hosting a London training seminar tomorrow, which I will be at. And He’ll also be at the CC forum. Are you New Kids going to be attending the CC forum at all?

  5. Thanks for your updates! Forks are like different currencies today. Don’t see the problem. At least each of them have a fixed supply. We need choice. The best project will survive.

  6. Blockchain is absolutely the way of the future just not sure what coins or form that will be. Hopefully real decentralized coins will stay on top rather than corporate coins.

  7. How about taking a look at APOLLO CURRENCY, making big moves in Africa with the ADF, and sandbox in Zimbabwe.

  8. Sorry but there is just one Bitcoin because all the miners mine it. The forks of Bitcoin are a sort of safety net.
    These Bitcoins have not the hashrate of the no. one but if the actual Bitcoin breakes the miners can turn to BCH, BTG and so on and rise a new Bitcoin. There will allways be just one, the one the miners support.

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