Suckers Rally? Bitcoin Just POPPED UP To $5,600Can We Go To 6k!? [Crypto Nuus]

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BREAKING: BTC is now being traded on the Nasdaq! I bought one BTC through my TDAmeritrade account!

I thought this was cool. Yelp added a filter to sort businesses that accept Cryptocurrency as a form of payment

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Over $272K Raised in Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), XRP and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in Crypto Campaign for Venezuela: NPR Interview

Over $272K Raised in Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), XRP and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in Crypto Campaign for Venezuela: NPR Interview

Disney in Talks to Acquire Bitcoin (BTC) and Crypto Exchange

Disney in Talks to Acquire Bitcoin (BTC) and Crypto Exchange Owner NXC: verslag

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Suckers Rally? Bitcoin Just POPPED UP To $5,600…Can We Go To 6k!? [Crypto Nuus]

42 kommentaar

  1. LOL! “Of course the real sucker is the one that thinks the market is going to look just like this”.

  2. Interesting times!
    Ongelukkig, all we have to compare this TA too is the previous Golden Cross where fundamentally the market was incredibly juvenile in comparison to what it is todayyou could count the amount of exchanges and use cases on one hand back then!
    Major Cup’nHandle forming!
    I do feel as though we will see a brief pullback to 5k, BUT this time the growth cycle will be staggering!!

  3. Hello again. Liked this video. 👍 Gave it a thumbs up. The bitcoin I bought last week is paying off and the price has been going up. 🤩📈💷💸

  4. Gaan na 6 k shouldn’t be problem
    But every one is thinking 6k resistance is too strong to break
    When majorly think this way BTC will move the opposite way

  5. watching this video at 11:18am ET and BTC on website is currently at $5,599USD!!! You better accumulate now because they won’t be this low after the end of this year and then it will be too late!!!

  6. I keep expanding my gpu mining, because I believe in the long term. This bitcoin move looks like a bull trap but hey, ya never know.

  7. Thank you for the great content! I had a question for you, What are your thoughts on Coinmetro Exchange? Thank you in advance.

  8. I don’t think the bear market is over yet. Everybody is too bullish at the moment. We first will see a huge drop

  9. +Calvin Charles Not a chance of $20,000 by August. These newbies are getting ridiculously carried away. 😀

  10. Dr. Ho Lee Phuk Lol, oh really? It went from 6 om 19 in about a month in 2017, how do you explain that? You are probably more of a newbie than me, js

  11. Its amazing how much you’ve grown with this channel since I started following you! By far the best Bitcoin advocate on Youtube.

  12. Odd how you’re one of the only people mentioning how irrelevant an event that happened 3 years ago is. 95% of the people who own crypto now did not own any 3 jare terug. Fundamentals have improved tenfold. Market back then compared to market today is almost totally incomparable. People pretend like these trends and charts are equivalent to stock market indexes that have 100 years of solid data and concrete ways to evaluate value.

  13. +Calvin Charles Ok, I’ll bump this thread in August and we’ll still be below $10,000. Probably below $8,000. Watch this space.

  14. The resistance at 6000 has been bounced off of many times and I don’t think we will break through for at least a month.

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