Stellar Lumen! 🚀 Bull Run Coming? [Cryptocurrency/Bitcoin/Altcoin News]

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Hey Altcoin Daily Team!
Let's talk Stellar Lumen.

soos. Betaal.

Stellar & Robin Hood

Stellar (XLM) – Robinhood to tokenize on the stellar blockchain, Ripple could be next!

****Not Financial Advice. Just opinion.

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Stellar Lumen! 🚀 Bull Run Coming? [Cryptocurrency/Bitcoin/Altcoin News]

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  1. Hell’s yea! Fast money, smart contracts, lightning network going to millions of tps by December. Bought Chained in SF they’re gonna build huge things. Nasdaq is going to list them! Plus anything Jed Mccaleb has touched has turned to gold!

  2. Running these security tokens on Stellar’s Blockchain is very significant. At a Crypto Investment Summit I recently attended, security tokens were all the rage. They are working on tokenizing all kinds of things from real estate to corporations. That way you can own a portion of a very valuable commodity.

  3. Great video like always! I have a question, what are your opinions or what’s your top choice for an autotrade bot to use for binance?

  4. ek stem saam 100%. Stellar is absolutely positioning themselves as a global powerhouse in the blockchain / crypto mark. They’re the reason why I began investing in crypto to begin with. I believed in their ethos and objectives and that believe only grows stronger as time goes on. Every week, I’m seeing Stellar making moves and gaining momentum. I just wish the price of their crypto would reflect said momentum. hah. Great video!!

  5. I bought Stellar at .04 last year before the run up after I researched it . I felt Stellar had a great idea and I only wish I would of bought even more back then . I’m HODLING stellar for the long term

  6. Very insightful and witty take. It seems as if crypto currencies/blockchain/distributed ledger is the future, which is becoming increasingly less and less debatable and the two major players in cross border remittances are XLM & XRP. I one held both would not he or she have that entire space//sector cornered?

  7. I don’t use a botI know cryptocrow is into that stuff if you want to take a look at his channel.

  8. STELLAR ; I am planning to invest today in STELLAR and I like to use LAND LEDGER to borrow against property in FRANCE AND I do not work so this is my best bet :can you respond to that ; I am retired :

  9. Veridium Labs announced a partnership with IBM to sell carbon offset tokens on the Stellar blockchain.

  10. STELLA…. coming to my wallet I’ve been bullish on it for a short time but it’s been on my to buy list as a lot of coins are . Great vid guys

  11. I got 10,000 units of stellar and holding it for a very long time until it becomes the #1 crypto in the WORLD scale!!! Lets go stellar lumen to the moon we go!!

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