Something Big Is Happening With Bitcoin… And It Speaks VOLUMES ;) [Crypto Market Analysis]

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Let's check out the volume compared to All Time Highsand then compared to the 2014 bear market.

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Something Big Is Happening With Bitcoin… And It Speaks VOLUMES 😉 [Crypto Market Analysis]

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48 kommentaar

  1. Set Bitcoin auto buys for weekly and forget about it. I’ve been doing it for years and have loved going from Satoshis to multiple full coins. Plan for 5-10 years out and not 6 maande! Cheers!

  2. Good videos everyday. Keep up the good work! Bitcoin fund manager explains this pretty good. Kind of amazing since the guy is an accused scammer. Quietly carefully someone is buying a lot of btc. I keep mining.. helping others do the same. BTC should be a LOT higher now but we gave it to the financial players so now it’s just another manipulated pile of crap like gold silver and the rest of the fake stock market

  3. I paused the video as you requested: I think it means that we now have the strength to sustain a price point of a 10k-15k btc. In the past our strength fizzled out. But now we have that much strength and we arent even at those level yet. So when we do reach those levels we will not sink as easily. Hope it makes sense. A.k.a. we going to moon for real this next time.

  4. The total crypto market cap chart on trading view paints an even rosier picture in terms of volume and MACD on the weekly and monthly. Groot insig. I too have been keeping an eye on this for a while and think its very important and tellingkinda under the radar a little bit still.

  5. Looks to me like the bottom is already in. Very few people believe this rally from what I can see. Been trending up for almost 3 months and still nobody believes it(including you 😉) Probably a sign bottom has already happened

  6. I don’t believe this, have you seen the wash trading at some of these exchanges, 80% of that doesn’t exist.

  7. I guess that’s possible. But those wash studies were from last year, reg? Why would the wash trading be on the increase now?

  8. Appreciate it. I don’t know if we’ll see a moon this year. But perhaps a sustained price increase and start to an uptrend.

  9. +Altcoin Daily have you seen some these unknown exhanges pulling in 100-300 million in volume.

  10. I m lucky to follow you . I like how you explain and how show people your reason etc etc . The time is the most expensive currency for me and I don t care spend time to see your video.
    Thanks for Amsterdam.

  11. Always appreciate how you touch on not only the TA, but the emotional ramifications of existing in the market!!

  12. Paused video
    I think this a new bullish indicator to how big the next parabolic uptrend will be. Percentage wise, I believe the next bull run will smash the previous, and this uptrend in volume during a long bear market could prove this belief to be correct. Great analysis. Cheers!

  13. some people are so inpatient and desperate that they start to see fata morgana’s in cryptoland

  14. Another great videooo
    The question is how REAL IS THE VOLUME ???
    On the other said I strongly believe we start going to the moon will be long and slow ride with lots of stops to put gas….
    When you going to make some nice video for yor pics in some new Altcoins….
    Respect brothers….
    Lets have a great 2019

  15. I always enjoy hearing your perspective of what’s going on in the market. Would you take a look at vericoin for me and tell me your thoughts? I love the project but no one is talking about it, I’m either a genius early or missing something glaring. Would love to hear your thoughts.

  16. Amigo, be sure to put a few thousand here and there into some Alts. They will probably have bigger gains.
    ETH, XRP, ADA for example. Maybe XLM, LTC and EOS as well.

  17. +Altcoin Daily shipping now like is out or is like pre order shipping? Because im not able to find anything about it yet other than leaked and the latest news.

  18. +Brian J.
    Ja, now that I think the market bas bottomed I plan to add some of the newer alts to my long term hodl stash. (As long as I can find a way to put them into cold storage).

  19. +voorrade & Shares
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