Should I invest in Golem??? – Introducing Golem Brass Beta !!

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Hey Altcoin Daily Team,
Today I wanted to do a deep dive on Golem (GNT)! I think this cryptocurrency company has a big future and I wanna share with you why. Also we look at Golem Brass Beta.

soos. Betaal.

**Not Advice. Just Opinion. Do your own research.

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Should I invest in Golem??? – Introducing Golem Brass Beta !!

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  1. Do it! I think you will have no problem with that. Golem will have new all time highs. My point at the end was only that there are so many potentially great alt coins surfacing now that we have to double down on choosing ones that we think will lead to the most significant gains.

  2. Good video. Nice to see that you also do breakdowns on projects in which you will not invest in. It also did not convince me enough to invest. Especially since my investments finally are paying off: Stellar, Bitcoin Chash, Litecoin and EOS.

  3. Compute ressourcemeansCPU and/or GPU usage” of “calculation capacity”. If you’re on windows do CTRL+SHIFT+ESC you’ll see how much in % your CPU is used at that moment.

    The goal here is to provide the possibility to users to rent the part that is not/never used.

    Quick exemple:

    Let says that when you are using your PC, you actualy use an average of 50% of its capacity. so, daar is 50% leftfor nothing”. This is actualy a waist because your machine is already drawing electricity but it is not for getting the best of it.

    That’s where Golem comes in. It gives you the opportunity to rent these 50% to whoever on the Golem network needs it. Throught their software you’ll be able to choose how much of these 50% you want to rent, for how long and at which price.

    Though, don’t rent the all 50% because the part you are using for yourself might need some more ressources sometimes (“spikes”. ex: when you start a new application). so, it’s better to keep a margin not used. If not, your machine will randomly hang wich won’t be a great experience.

    ook, pay attention to the RAM usage because the data that have to be compute might need more/less of it depending on their nature. RTFM ;-))

    So for this exemple, we’ve got 50% (jy) + 35% (Golem) + 15% (Spike’s margin). Dit is duidelik dat, It’ll be different for every situation.

    I hope it helped,

  4. GP Durán it will definitely see new all time highs in my opinion. But many alt coins will when we hit the next bull run. For now I’m focusing on other coins, but I’ll keep this on my radar

  5. Project competitor TON!
    Soon will be secretly launched
    GLOBAL PROJECT – “Cerebral sorting” (WORLD PROJECT Cerebral sorting)
    Plans to raise funds (1/3 of the RF budget); partnership with: GOLEM, TNB, MIXIN,
    The PRESALE token (presale) “FSVSon WAVES platform
    is released token sale: WAVES/FSVS. BTC/FSVS. ETH/FSVS.
    The smart contract will be on the WAVES platform. LOOK ATTENTIVELY.

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