Should I Buy Bitcoin? Or Should I Buy Altcoins? [Cryptocurrency Strategy]

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What is going to get YOU the biggest gain? Bitcoin or Altcoins?

Goed Altcoin Daily Team! Let's talk about it.

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Should I Buy Bitcoin? Or Should I Buy Altcoins? [Cryptocurrency Strategy]

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  1. Not a shill, but do a review of the new stellar decentralized exchange, I used it today , it works with ledger, it’s like ether delta except it actually works , get lumens and mobius while they are cheap, after having btc of course, not investment advice lel🐸

  2. Bitcoin is better for the long run; but for short to med run (6-12 maande) I think the most famous altcoin is better investment as they have higher jump price potential during this time frame;I mean altcoins like Ripple; Eos; Neo, Cardano ; OmisGo; Tron and alike ; very useful to follow your videos keep the good work

  3. To BTC or not to BTC? That is the question. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. Your answer makes a lot of sense. Another great video! 😎

  4. Thanks for the videoo
    I would split 30% in BTC 10/ 20 % small market cap , 20% mid. Market cap coins and the rest in high market cap coins….
    BTC will stay for long long time

  5. I understand what you are saying, however bitcoin has no practical use at this time and unless it gets an upgraded and the fees drop, bitcoin will be removed as the top coin in the crypto currency system. XRP at this moment has the best chance to dethrone bitcoin as the top currency for crypto currency.

  6. Are you scared of bakkt wall street? or it’s going be all good and major bull runs will continue next 10 jaar?

  7. BTC, XRP, LTC, ETH, and BTH divided evenly every time I get paid then I have a set amount in next 20 alt coins and just leave it.

  8. To people saying “all boats rise when the tide comes in” look at the coins the were around the last time this happened. Or every other time the market cycles. The vast majority get replaced by new alt coins, this happens over and over.

    Just waiting for the next big thing to make the previous alts obsolete, it looks like side chains other second layers on top of Bitcoin. The investment into hashpower is now enough to make the alts just test networks to cherry picked and adopted by Bitcoinbecause anyone can build on top of Bitcoin.

  9. Yes KBC is a new gold backed crypto that has a fully licensed bank in Miami FL that offers a payment system backed by physical gold look up karat gold coin

  10. +Altcoin Daily i think it will too. Maar, 5 years from now, if no update, then it will be history and the Alt coins will rein superior.

  11. Are there coins better than BTC Long term. Mid long term 3yrs with mass adoption XRP. Long term 5 yes if all projects runs seamlessly ADA

  12. +Altcoin Daily thanks brother 👍. Look forwards to tomorrows show. Dont forget presidential alert @ 2:18 est tomorrow.

  13. Hiwhat’s your view on security tokens in the future? I am liking. They are bringing Security Tokens to crypto on their own platform. I am interested in security tokens as a whole. Do you have a view on them, and/or Desico?

  14. you should get XLQ, I trust the team and know they are working to build a real business and not run away with peoples money, unlike other crypto projects.
    btw, stay away from ibtc and donstoshi exchange those 2 are scams!

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