Shocking Report! Bitcoin Seeing All Time Highs in Perception! 12% Prefer Bitcoin To Gold!

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New Bitcoin Report! Market Trend Analysis | Macro & Technical Analysis Recommendation |

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Bitcoin is a Demographic Mega-Trend: Data Analysis

Traits Of Money/ Planting Bitcoin by Dan Held

The Crypto Curator Podcast: S&R – Episode 8 with Murad Mahmudov

S&R – Episode 8 with Murad Mahmudov

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Shocking Report! Bitcoin Seeing All Time Highs in Perception! 12% Prefer Bitcoin To Gold!

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Geskep deur Sara Bauer en Richard Abermann

67 kommentaar

  1. Very good information. Dankie. Pleased to be a rare 54 year old who’s been buying cryptos since 2015.

  2. Mcafee sounded like crazy? But it will happen. Forget about ta and history of btc. Its a new game now

  3. I like how you are not stuck in one mindset. You started out favoring altcoins and now have evolved to mainly BTC. This shows that you are willing to learn and adapt. Love your content.

  4. Die 8 trillion USD market for gold was ruined by manipulation. How can 0,1 trUSD Bitcoin not be ruined the same way? (This is just a question, I own Bitcoin).

  5. I think we will have to dump hard for the SEC before the bull market can begin, they’d rather we show institutions a safer entry first before approval. Still expecting a professional scale whale dumping to the 1.2K range

  6. Where do YOU fit in the age demographic? I am 49 years old and I’ve been convinced since 2011 that Cryptocurrency is the next step in our financial evolution.

  7. +Altcoin Daily game i meant attention, adoption etc. New ath will happen sooner that everybody expecting to be. Love ur channel. Peace from Poland

  8. +Altcoin Daily They know we can dump hard and fast at the drop of a hat. Still plenty of time for fomo bull traps etc before things gets serious closer to the halvening. I’d be certain whales would prefer new money to enter on SEC approvals for the long term game.

  9. +timkug Well done. My dad 83 not interested nor sons aged 14 en 17! Still working on converting them.

  10. Yes that’s fine. But it’s misleading to continue calling your channel Altcoin Daily when you have lost interest in altcoins and are now focussing on BTC news.

  11. +Neville Robertson Yah we could dump but 1.2k range is nothing but wishful thinking on your part.

  12. Surprisingly 9% of total USA adults own bitcoin
    That add up to 29 mil
    Not everyone in USA alone who owns bitcoin now able to get one whole BTC
    Therefore better action quickly before it is too late

  13. What good would that do? Why would I sell my btc at 1k unless I was absolutely desperate for cash? Retailers will just hold at that price.

  14. They can manipulate the BTC market only if they have a big stick (which they don’t). Their favorite toolspecial favors from the government doesn’t work here because the government doesn’t control the creation of new BTC in any way. Fractional reserve BTC will probably be an issue butbank runsare so easy from the comfort of our own homes! Unlike someone else’s gold, we can track everything on the block chain and not rely on the government’s opinion of AAA ratings. Investors who don’t want to lose everything really need to get it through their thick skullsNot your keysnot your BTC.In many places in the world this is common sense, so I’m hopeful. “Not your keysno price increaseis probably true but unfortunately it doesn’t have a ring to it.

  15. 57 here and been following for 15 maande, dad is economist and wouldn’t hear of them, son is 19 and has a 21 yr old friend who has made 100s of thousands and is a partner with a NY fund. They won’t reveal his name or that they have 21 yr oldprincipal. That is no – – – –

  16. 48 been following crypto market for last 2 years and I believe it’s the next to huge wave us soon

  17. ek stem saam. No way is that accurate. I’ve seen multiple reports of approx 1/2 van 1% (.048%)

  18. Same age as me, I got into buying XRP and Eth in June 2017. Made a lot of money by selling in late 17, and still holding a heap. My friend, who was voted number financial analyst in Thailand a few years ago won’t touch it, says it is above him. he has a PhD from Harvard! he just said, “enjoy the ride”.

  19. +Mike Torredeoro so he should change the name of his channel at this point and possibly lose subscribers already gained for your convenience. The great thing about YouTube is that you can hit the stop icon if the channel isnt discussing what you want them to. Let’s call you a whaaaaambulane. Jeez.

  20. +David duFresne its prob all the people who bought at 3to5gs that would sell at 3gs to 2gs so they wouldnt lose it all. Then they can say they took a chance. Got scared.. verkoop….then either get in lower or higher OR HAVE REGRETS4EVER WHEN BTC BULLRUNS TO ASTROFUCKINGNOMICAL #$!! My 2satoshis.

  21. Cryptocurrency is on the world stage and soon enough it will take precedence over fiat money.

  22. Looks like Bitcoin could be heading back towards pre ‘hash war’ $100 billion market cap. Resistance then Support?

    Bitcoin halving hype another day closer ……

  23. The big out of sight bull market price increase in Crypto will take place once the stock and bond markets crash. All that wealth will need to go some place. Gold and silver will quickly gono offer”, and investors will understand at that point the US dollar and all fiat currencies will be crashing so the quickest and easiest place to move wealth once it leaves stocks and bonds will be crypto.

    Wrap your head around what happens when trillions of Dollars suddenly start pouring into crypto, $10,000+ daily increase in the price of Bitcoin! People are starting to sense this is coming which is the reason for the better numbers in the recent survey.

  24. Fiat has been on it’s death bed for years. It should have been dead and buried after 2008. The next collapse will be the final collapse. President Trump is the one keeping it going at this point in order to buy time to bring industry and gold back to the USA before the collapse.

  25. I understand ur data, good journalism, but this problem right now is maybe bigger than mtgox. Bitfinex statet to have 75% of tether backed. Means they printed money out of air. Nobody is allowed to print $ but 🇺🇸. This is seriously against the law. I’m pretty sure they find a way to sue them even they r in Hongkong. Finex offers Dollar deposits and withdrawals. Government goes back to past when they offered this service to us citizens. Btc pumped hard in April, anybody is in fomo, suddenly on top Supreme Court makes an announcement. People go from tether in btc to sell btc for withdrawal into bank accounts. Bitfinex 🐳 accounts looking for leaving the abandoned ship.

  26. Kurt Homan Many good projects low right now. Care to throw a dart? Do your research and take a leap of faith or 🤔NOT. Maybe you can hit a THORECOIN like gains and redistribute the profits MAINLY back into Bitcoin. 🎲 🎲 or play it safe. There was a time when VERI was $400 & I just wish I could acquire 10 of them for the future. Well…..I got my 10 and then moved to the next target to add to my portfolio. Simply building for the future. I personally have a diverse portfolio that includes several categories: storage of wealth, Masternodes, tech/infrastructure, payment solutions, short term holdings to convert to BTC.

  27. John Roycroft I’m 65 and got bitten by the bitcoin bug and disappeared down the rabbit hole on 01 Dec 2017

  28. Brad Hewitt

    I am 63 years old so I don’t lose sleep over missed opportunities especially when I knew nothing about Bitcoin and crypto at that time. I actually dumped $60,000+ into a penny stock at the moment Bitcoin first hit $1.00 (Februarie 2011), and I have a much greater potential for gains with that stock then with Bitcoin so in the long run everything works out for the best. The point behind my comment was that Bitcoin and crypto are just the kind of risk/reward investment opportunities I am drawn to.

  29. +Henry Goh I’m on my way lol I got 0.7 btc but also got ELA,ADA,Dgrb,TRX,XRP,AGI and MAN in the off chance They blow up 😂 and some LTC and ETH

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