Send This LIST To A Friend: 40 REASONS Bitcoin Is A Good Investment!

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Watch this video for a list of reasons Bitcoin and Crypto will increase in value!

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Bakkt and Fidelity Will Bring an ‘Enormous Amount of Capital’ Into Crypto: Pantera Capital CEO

Bakkt and Fidelity Will Bring an ‘Enormous Amount of CapitalInto Crypto: Pantera Capital CEO

List of Reasons

Smile gents, its hard to ignore these kind of metrics.

Putting The World's Money in Perspective

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Send This LIST To A Friend: 40 REASONS Bitcoin Is A Good Investment!

61 kommentaar

  1. WTF, am I the only one worried about Wall Street, the most corrupt institutions on earth, coming into crypto space? I guess people will take anything in the arse for a quick buck; reg?

  2. Hello, it might not be so business oriented, but it’s really human oriented, Digibyte is doing great things in Venezuela, I believe it’s worth mentioning

  3. Hey Aaron and Austin, How about a general video on ADA, RVN, OMG and ETN about price prediction and some basic data on what they are and where you think the direction is for them. Thanks for all the videos and info.

  4. Just a note: When you saidAkon stick to musicthen I’m sure you did not know he raised about $1 billion dollars to bring electricity to millions across Afrika using solar panels. His program provided jobs and training to thousands of Afrikans. He have been very active for years in trying to improve the lives of Afrikans in Afrika and the diaspora.
    Just a note

  5. groot Video!! Sadly institutional money is going through the OTC market with BAKKT. It’s a start at least.

  6. Thank you Very informative.

    I think a time will come when people will tell us how lucky we are buying at this rate.

  7. I find it’s pointless to convince people of Bitcoin. They need to discover it and believe in it themselves. They will either see it’s potential and realize it’s a steal at sub $10K or they are going to have to buy fractions of BTC when it’s at $100K.

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