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The New Kids On The Blockchain have a blockchain banter with Graeme Moore VP Marketing Polymath about the rise of the security token and how Polymath have optioned themselves as as one stop shop for securitisation of tokens.


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NB. All information shared here is for information only and should not be considered any kind of financial advice. Always do your own research.

Security Token BanterPolymath. Cryptocurrency Nuus

20 kommentaar

  1. Very informative. This guy really knows the problem and they seem to have a nice practical solution. Great!

  2. I LOVE the concept of Polymath but do not understand why I should purchase Polymath tokens..My questions are investor related……….Wat is die “Utilityof the POLY tokens ? ArePolytokens required for a company toTokenizethemselves ? What createsDemandfor the Poly tokens? What will make Poly tokens go up in value ? How does Polymath make money and does that flow to the Polymath token holders. Thank You in advance !

  3. Would you mind having a look at Desico and giving us your view? Would be good to hear about an alternative

  4. john kenny I’ve invested in DESICO large! A review would be good to waylay some of my (unfounded!) doubts about the project.

  5. Have a look at Howdoo when you get chance.. a new Social Media Platform about to make waves.

  6. this is my ? I guess to start a security on Polymath you need ‘xamount of tokens. However do they have to hold……can they sell etc? very unclear. Although I don’t think it matters speculation will drive up the price because poly is one of the few games in town

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