SEC Bitcoin Update: “This is Huge Progress & I Don’t Think It’s Getting the Attention it Deserves.

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Hey Altcoin Daily Team!!

Ja! Jy is nou eers soos hierdie video. Today I want to talk about The SEC and Bitcoin mining. These are updates!


SEC Chairman: Bitcoin [BTC] is not a security as it is widely distributed and was not controlled by a single entity

SEC Chairman Says Crypto, Bitcoin and Blockchain Should ‘Fit Into Our Rules’ Not Change Them

SEC Chairman Says Crypto, Bitcoin and Blockchain Should ‘Fit Into Our RulesNot Change Them

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Short Take: Bitcoin Mining Just Got a Lot Easier

Ethereum Giant ConsenSys Tightens Belt, Will Axe Underperforming Projects

Steemit Lays Off 70% of Its Staff, Citing Crypto Bear Market

Steemit Lays Off 70% of Its Staff, Citing Crypto Bear Market

Stem u saam met my redenasie?? Give me your thoughts?


soos. Betaal.

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**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!
**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!
**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!

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SEC Bitcoin Update: "This is Huge Progress & I Don't Think It's Getting the Attention it Deserves."

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  1. How is the news article from Dec 4th but you published this video on Dec 3rd? Are you a time traveler????

  2. Just a reminder I think Xrp was about $4 last Xmasnow about $0.35 – so it’s fallen far more than Bitcoin since then

  3. Dude, you really find the gems in the rough when it comes to information that should be everywhere. Thanks for sharing

  4. Financial institutions (therefore some media conglomerates) know whats going on, so deciding to suppress the price until the time is right for them.

  5. A&A, At the End of the day SEC and all other institutions can go do one! BTC Never needed any of them. It’s only when BTC was going up in price and more people were waking up from their Fiat debt slavery banking system to invest in this incredible disruptive technology, that’s when they started to smell the coffee and now they#re are trying any which way to get in on the action to control it as much as they can. Man, c’mon now, Don’t be fooled by all these good talks from jake chervinsky and the commissioner of SEC. This is a classic case ofoh look we are from the SEC but we like BTC and support it blah blahThese people are One my friend. Think about it this real good. It’s obvious SEC can’t go out Guns blazing on BTC can they? That is not how these kinda people do things. They create oppositions within their organisations to make it look like their are playing fair to the mass public and are on our side but really from behind the scenes they have their own agendas. A&A the Bottom line is, They are psychopathic Control Freaks. You read it, hulle het gesê “Crypto should fit into their rules”! Wake up, again never fall for their flowery words about BTC. Hope you really understand this. Power to the People!

    Il leave you with a very poignant words from John McAfee tweet.

    Why am I alone in fighting back? Our leaders stew in anger or run scared while the SEC illegally takes control of us. Crypto is not a security. The SEC has no jurisdiction. It simply smelled the future and wanted to own it. I will not stand for it.

  6. Investor Protection, he says. Where is the SEC protection in the stock markets, the PMs, ens? The SEC allows the criminal banksters to constantly manipulate the prices. We need protection from the SEC, not the marketplace.

  7. +sneaking_ weasel good luck with your Chinese miners toy, they will fork you again my friend. BTC is under China’s control, you call that decentralized? Charging up to $40 transaction costs if they feel like. XRP 1000 times cheaper and faster.

  8. +R James one year ago today xrp was .24 and btc was 12k AP youd be ahead right now had you bought xrp.

  9. Chris Rock – Yep – but if I bought 2/3 weeks later at about $4……I would be worse off. Depends on you’re starting point I suppose!

  10. I think your right. It would be better to learn from each other. You have to admit our government is very slow to adapt except in crisis. It could take 20+ years for our monetary/financial system to learn from The crypto experiment currently going on.

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