Revealed: Top 10 Chinese Altcoins! [EOS, Ethereum, GXChain Ontology, Waves, rimpeleffek, Bitcoin]

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It is a fact: China promotes their own from within. Whether we are talking media, food, business, internet, of cryptocurrency, China maintains control.

Here is a recent list of China's top 33 altcoin. This could give us some good insight on what coins will do well in futurelet me know your thoughts.

soos. Betaal.

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The CCID's Global Public Chain Technology Assessment

Report Links 74% of Bitcoin Mining to China, Sees Threat to Network

Bitcoin Mining Video

Bitcoin mine China (2 minute)

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Revealed: Top 10 Chinese Altcoins! [EOS, Ethereum, GXChain Ontology, Waves, rimpeleffek, Bitcoin]

60 kommentaar

  1. Good to see and a little disappointing. I expected to see TRX, the Key*, VeChain, and on next revision 🚨QCH Blockchain 🚨as an addition. Surprisingly no coins were listed in the Realestate sector? 🤔

  2. I don’t know whythe experts didn’t like those. Or maybe the Chinese government didn’t like those.

  3. also….also….i am runing out of fiat….Celsius has a foot in centralization and a foot in decentralizationbank and crypto and i am going to purchase but i have time for purchasing Celsius 😉 +Altcoin Daily

  4. Probably because of the voting system in eos, China could buy a bunch and pretty much seat themselves in control for as long as they would like

  5. FrozenExplosion My first buying level. Would love to have known earlier about Neo, by 0,18 cts levels 😜

  6. I think getting a view of the a
    Asian (and especially the Chinese) market is like getting a glimse of the future here in the west. They’re so far ahead of us when it comes to crypto and other tech. Thanks for another interesting video AltcoinDaily.

  7. My pleasure. Glad you found value! I think often people don’t consider the Asian marketsand they should.

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