REVEALED: 1997 Steve Jobs Speech May As Well Be About Bitcoin TODAY… & Other Recent Crypto News

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Recent News: Bitcoin’s Hashrate & Difficulty At All Time Highs! Will the Price Follow? Greyscale Bought 21% of New Bitcoin In April (Last Month)! Are We In Disbelief?

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Steve Jobs Tweet [Nick Core 🏆]

Tweet: #BTC difficulty is an at all time high


Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Hits All-Time High – So Is Price Next?

HODL Yourself: Bob Loukas Video


Wall Street Bitcoin FOMO: Grayscale Gobbling Up 21% of Newly Mined BTC

Psychology of Market Cycles/ Wall Street Cheat Sheet

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REVEALED: 1997 Steve Jobs Speech May As Well Be About Bitcoin TODAY… & Other Recent Crypto News

49 kommentaar

  1. If you watch the video until the end, I bring up the Psychology of Market Cycles/ Wall Street Cheat Sheet. At what point do YOU think we are at in the current cycle?

  2. 94K about to explode with this whole spaces sentiment. Here comes 100K subscribers and there it goes as it gets surpassed. Will critique the rest of the video in a moment. Had to bang that like button

  3. I love this, superb! “If the press is selling out the short, go buy some stock(crypto)”

  4. I purchased again at the bounce yesterday (5-30). Not going to let a near $900 drop in price go by without throwing a couple bucks at it.

  5. Suckers rally, a bull run is slow and boring, this is not boring and the price is manipulated af, I’m expecting it to come down in junejuly.

  6. Since Bitcoin has been so Awkwardly Unusually Uncharacteristically Crazy (talking about price action compared to previous cycles)…My thought: We’re in a Thrill, Anxiety, Panic, Disbelief, Hope & Optimism Market Cycle at the momentLemme ‘splainas soon as BTC starting going upHope came back to the marketit went from $4200 to over 5KOptimism cameWe hit over 8KThrill came in(maybe a mini euphoria stage)…Right now is a combo of Disbelief & Panic due to the 1K price dump which is now 50% recovered(Traditional market traders aren’t used to 10% om 40% drops in a month, let alone a day)…Anxiety…lol…If you’re not Anxious just being in this Crypto Market you’re not humanIt takes G U T S to be in this market! If you held on through 2018 when most portfolios lost 80% om 90% of their value like my own, then you truly believe in this technology, that’s why I hold PUNDI X for the long term (working product, good marketing, crypto phone rolling out this year, ens) Believe you, meif you’re in crypto at this moment and get through this next cycle, you will be WEALTHY for sure! The future is bright everyone, so hold on and enjoy the ride!!

  7. Good video as usual and clipsBitcoin halving hype keeps getting closer🍇….🦅

  8. BTC is a refreshing and amazing new development in technology/real-world development and life-changing trading experience. I’m so excited for the coming years. I just wish I knew about this years ago, but I’m hyped I’m here for it now, still so early 🔥💯

  9. Words cannot describe the importance of this speech/event to the history of computers, and world of business of yesterday and today. I highly recommend it to anyone.

  10. I think we’ll see one more large dump (30%+) before we finally get a proper bull run.

  11. I think we are in disbelief still but close to hope once we smash 10…..good luck this bull run….going to be epic in my eyes…..

  12. Awesome comparison! I very often think about the 90ies and the net before anyone could see what was about to happen. I guess you simply had to be a nerd to get it.
    ook; verkoop?! You crazy? I am buying, buying and buying. Sold once going up in 2017 – and it felt… …AWFUL!

  13. +Simon DV no I take a long view on the market.. Have taken profits along the way.. Even in the 2018 bear market which people proclaimed crypto is dead

  14. Indeed definitely need a pullback of about that much given this recent parabola, and it’ll be healthy.

  15. I think we’re in between disbelief and hope. Everyone wants another big correction to the downside to accumulate more. If that happened and then we went bullish I’d say we were in the hope stage

  16. Potentially wealthyhave to buy enough, and most importantly sell enough at the right time. If u never get off the ride all u get is an upset stomach.

  17. That doesn’t even make senseSteve was just giving an opinion to a question about stock market.

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