Resistance Broke? Let’s Hang Out & Do Some Market Analysis: Short, Medium, & Long Term!

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hey Team! Usually I like to pack in the information! vandag, let's just hang out and do some "Market Analysis & Chill". I'll give you my short, medium, and long term thoughts. Tell you what I'm looking for and even share a story I heard from a Bitcoin OG.

Appreicate you all.

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The Chart

Just a reminder of what has happened in the past. This is an OLD image but so far on track. van Bitcoin

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Resistance Broke? Let's Hang Out & Do Some Market Analysis: Short, Medium, & Long Term!

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  1. this video should be short and sweetbuy btc and forget because in 3 yrs time buying at 3k …2.8k or 4k….doesnt matterpeople have to know that you will never buy apsolute bottombut we are close to it

  2. that cycle projectory doesnt make sense to me either.. never agreed with it! The more adoption comes,cycles will be shorter.. not longer and longer

  3. It is better for us normal people that don’t have alot of money that Bitcoin is as low as possible for a long time so we can accumulate as much as possible!

  4. You better get as much as you can as quick as you can cause these lows are going to be the last time we see lows like this .

  5. I noticed one of the comments referenced DavinciJ and it seems you kind of breezed over it, no big deal but I am just curious to know if you follow him bn or know of him. Cheers.

  6. ha good questionI mean his opinion is just as valid as mine and I think he has a good channelbut the thing is, he is just some guy who said “koop Bitcoin” back in the dayseems like a lot of people put his opinion on a pedestal.

  7. That is so true. The people that are new to this space are very scared but I can tell you this is nothing compared to 2013. We are about to cross the chasm and I expect the run up to be double in percentage terms of the last run. Enjoy the low prices while they last. When the Federal reserve starts to print again (QE) we will likely go into a bull run immediately. Maximalist of all forms will miss out, just like they did in 2013 with Xrp and Ltc.

  8. +Altcoin Daily I do think he is spot on. If you pay close attention to his videos and interviews he does seem to have inside knowledge as to what is going on behind the scenes when it comes to the activities of the whales, which to me is the only thing one truly needs to understand to get an idea as to what the market is going to do. In my opinion he is somewhat of a whale himself. I don’t know how many Bitcoins he holds, but if he was buying BTC at $1.00 after already being a successful trader of silver and gold then one can deduct that he has a massive bag.

  9. +Altcoin Daily I came into this space at the end of 2012. Those were scary times. Holding through this is a cake walk.

  10. +Altcoin Daily of courseI treat crypto exactly like gambling. (i.e. I do have the cash, but not on my cryptobankroll”).

  11. Ja, so every 30 minutes fomo grabs me be the ears!!
    But its clear, BTC moved on an Etherium pump, and EtheriumI recon has to many 🐳s, so as soon as it falls back, BTC will follow. Keep your eye on ETHERIUM!!!

  12. Hello Aron, thanks for the video, I also think this is a trap and will drop 2.5k but I have a question if bitcoin drops to 1k what might happen? can you make a video about that, people will jump to buy or everybody will afraid to get on?
    Bitcoin is still on the age of we are experiencing the new financial experiment, it’s completely new for us l expect any type of movement, nothing will surprise me.

  13. I’m a semi old dog…2014
    Simple is this: The more educated you are on this technology, the more bullish you are!

  14. +Altcoin Daily yes I also have buy orders from 2.5k to 1.5k even 900usd but if it’s drop 1k and stays there for a while, what people reaction will be?

  15. My thought is that bitcoin will not hit 1k. Too many people got stuck in the last bullrun and will not sell before it hits their buyin point between 10-20k. And if it starts moving my guess is that they will not sell but keep on hodling

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