QUICK Bitcoin Price Check-In! W12 Review! The Next Big IEO [Initial Exchange Offering]

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* This is a paid review of W12. I was compensated $3900 paid in BTC. Use this video as a starting off point for further research. 👍
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QUICK Bitcoin Price Check-In! W12 Review! The Next Big IEO [Initial Exchange Offering]

30 kommentaar

  1. Thank You! Altcoin Daily is my favorite Crypto channel except when you have sponsors. I know why u need them, but blech

  2. ja. Sometimes we need to do a sponsored video. We will always disclose. Appreciate you

  3. DUUUUDE i love your channel an watch you daily but i have to say brother, for the very first time you legit wasted my time on this video here lol still much love

  4. We thank you for the great content and the transparency. Keep up the good work and keep pushing to be one of the top crypto channels on YouTube. 🗣🗣🗣 You got this bro!!!🗣🗣🗣. 👍🏾👍🏾 👍🏾👍🏾

  5. Sorry broski. We have 6 other videos this week which I think have a lot of value.


  7. I appreciate how clearly you disclose sponsored parts of your videos. As always, thanks for today’s video!

  8. Love the channel Aaron..
    But back away from the IEO advertising.. It wont end well and you shouldn’t risk your channel for it.
    Keep doing what you have always done and the crowds will follow.

  9. Thank you for this very different but very informative video. It is good to hear some practical application of a crypto product. It is definitely strengthens the crypto world.

  10. we thank you for your time and making your videos. Could you maybe do a video on the minimum cost of starting a small/tiny ICO? (real ICO with public ledger/miners)

  11. It only becomes a problem imo if they’re not transparent about getting paid for it. Or if it takes up too much of the content. A one off every now and then is ok. But I’ll be honest, I spaced out through much of the review as I knew it’s basically an advertisement.

  12. Thank you for selecting your sponsors wisely! I think it’s a good project although it’s not for me.
    In elk geval, thumbs up!

  13. i thought bitcoin analysis but he shilling a project, most blockchain project already worthless

  14. +Altcoin Daily
    Yeah gotta agree.
    Love ya content. Maybe title these kinda vids different.. coz we will bounce man n any person seeing this as ya first vid.. well theyll know you as a paid shill only, which is sad

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