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Hey Altcoin Daily Team,
Today I wanted to talk about why I think Privacy Coins will be very successful in the future. But not all privacy coins are created equal. Let's find out what makes Monero, dash, and Zcash different.
I am very bullish on these coins let me share this with you.

soos. Betaal.

*Just opinion. Not Financial Advice. Doen jou eie navorsing!

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24 kommentaar

  1. As a person who values his privacy, I like all 3 of these coins. Thanks for covering them. I would love to have a Dash masternode, but am still a few hundred thousand dollars short.

  2. I currently mine Monero and have tiny amounts of the other two. Funds are scarce right now.

  3. hey buddy you should have included cloak , its going to be the whip arse of all privacy coins

  4. Paul Rouleau that’s cool. In a few years those scarce amounts will look better and better

  5. I am constantly adding as much as I can afford without accruing additional debt and diversifying my holdings for maximum gains in promising projects, learning as I go.

  6. Nice video! As some advice, maybe edit/ record in parts the video next time though, to cover up cough noises and stuttering?

  7. Monero is on another level compared to DASH and ZCASH. DASH is not even a proper privacy coin, and the underlying technology of Zcash looks like it was made by a 13 year old.

  8. Monero just needs a user friendly app and then I can see more people adopting it. Until that happens, it’s Dash > Monero > Zcash.

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