Price Going DownCheck Out This Bitcoin Gear/Swag! 👍

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Hey Altcoin Daily Team!
I wanted to share this stuff with you. I thought it was pretty cool. Let me know your thoughts.

soos. Share.

I was not paid or compensated to promote any of these. (I wish!)

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Personalized Bitcoin Wallet Keychain
Personalized Bitcoin Wallet Keychain

Personalized Bitcoin Wallet Keychain Dogtag
Personalized Bitcoin Wallet Keychain Dogtag

Personalized Bitcoin Wallet Necklace
Personalized Bitcoin Wallet Necklace

Casa Node

My first impressions of the Casa Bitcoin Node

Grootboek Nano X
Grootboek Nano X

A Closer Look At The Ledger Nano X

A Closer Look At The Ledger Nano X


Bitcoin Sweater

Bitcoin Coin Souvenir (Gold Plated Iron)

Commemorative physical Litecoin/Bitcoin/Ethereum/Ripple/Monero/Dash

Plastic Bitcoin Crypto Card personalised with your unique BTC address.

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Price Going DownCheck Out This Bitcoin Gear/Swag! 👍

50 kommentaar

  1. Markets are dropping like an anchor! Lol why are you talking about the shirts!!!??? Jk love your channel.

  2. It was inevitable for the continued bear market this will be the whales working the price down for backt to go live which I’m predicting will be around March then slow rise till November when I predict usd crashes and btc moons to new ath next stop 3600 then back down to retest lows before finding new low and bottom around 2000 kan wees 1800 if panic sells start 2000 imo is a healthy bottom to start next bull run

  3. Hey, they’re called digital assets now, not cryptocurrency. Digital assets sounds more accepted to the general public apparently

  4. Seems to me ur twitter poll is the only poll on the internet where people prefer bitcoin over altcoins :p! Usually they go crazy on XRP

  5. You got that right only 5 apps u can put on itI have oneAnd sadly il will get the x wen it drops lol hell why notI really appreciate this kinds of vids the swag / crypto related products. Keep them coming .come Canada

  6. Those dog tags looks pretty cool!. I already snagged a physical bitcoin and I have it as a memento of what is coming, another cheap collectible could be stickers as well. Do you guys have an Instagram page for altcoindaily?

  7. What was the reaction about apollo about? You think that cardano is better? Because its older? Just give me a reason and explain? Cardano and xrp were also unknown. And what big milestones had cardano achieved? Give me an argument of you can.

  8. XRP was initially released in May 2012. It roots go back to an earlier version which debuted in 2005. #XRPturns7In5Months #3YearsYoungerThanBTC

  9. Thats actual fake real coins got my attention i travel international i wonder what TSA do if i take it out of my pocket for scanning hahahaha. Like alway love tue video you privide very imfomative

  10. Fun topic today! My best friend gave me a few of the different commemorative coins as a gift. I thought it was great! Thanks for this video. 😎

  11. I didn’t realize what this video was and then I was like oooo, guess I’m an enthusiast lol Thanks for the good video 🙂

  12. +Altcoin Daily Apollo likes to involve the community in things like logo designs and how the new wallet will be layed out. We all put our ideas out there to get the best finished product.

  13. +Altcoin Daily to give label to a crypto like you have speaks volumes to your inability to be biased and fair in reporting on them. The Apollo project works very hard and is legit. Look how far they have come and what they have accomplished by looking into them with the blinders off. To make such a claim before your viewers that trust your competence as a professional does them a great disservice. The Apollo community is excited about the potential that is achievable and wish to better others investment opportunities by sharing the news only to get knocked down by a statement made without tact. You owe your viewers an apology in my opinion. Crypto is the future and people should realize that more than a handful will drive the movement.

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