Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang Supports Bitcoin! #YangGang Bitcoin Over $4000! + Other News!

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oor 1,500 Danish Restaurants Accept BTC For Online Orders

oor 1,500 Danish Restaurants Accept BTC For Online Orders

Cardano Ledger

Bitcoin is an official scrabble word now 🥰

Bitcoin is an official scrabble word now 🥰 van Bitcoin

BTC / USD: 2014 vs Now

BTC / USD: 2014 vs Now van CryptoCurrency

NEWS Bakkt COO says regulators will move at their own pace while ICE, Bakkt move at a startup’s pace

Reddit Post: Look at the trends and relax. These cycles are normal.

Look at the trends and relax. These cycles are normal. van Bitcoin

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Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang Supports Bitcoin! #YangGang Bitcoin Over $4000! + Other News!

38 kommentaar

  1. Democrats(For Centralized and bigger government) en blockchain (For Decentralized and smaller government) just go hand on hand together.



  3. Hi all. I would not vote for a candidate just because they are crypto friendly. There are so many other issues to consider. Trump is crypto friendly. Did you read his executive order to revamp the financial industry? Ripple is mentioned in it twice. Check out who wrote it and his connections to crypto. Ripple has also been to the White House a couple of times. Hummmmm. Waiting and accumulating.

  4. Agree its just a show to make people believe they have a say in things and a legal money grab.

  5. I hope ppl don’t just vote for whoever likes the blockchain. Remember McAfee wanted to run completely with blockchain as his platform. Dude is a freaking psycho and would be just as bad if not worse than trump

  6. So far I never knew I could get this lucky, $9000 leveled up….very grateful to binary options and to my manager too

  7. I saw a Thumbnail of him on Breakfast Club, but I never knew he was a presidential candidate

  8. I watched many reviews at ICO TELEGRAM! It really the most perspective ICO of 2019

  9. The democratic platform has become way too left. The ironic thing is that they have the audacity to call President Trump a nazi when they are the party that is embracing socialism. Government will have their hand in everything. Isn’t this the reason to be decentralized in the first place, to get away from this. Higher taxes sounds horrible to me.

  10. I will have to go with President Donald John Trump. You can have a great supporter of cryptos, but if they don’t know how to run the economy then you get .5% growth as with the previous administration. I will just stick with 3-4% growth in the economy. Besides once the Mueller investigation show no collusion, then it will be the Dems turn. Uranium One scandal, multiple Clinton Foundation scandals to come, drug lord Hugo Chaves naming names in court of politicians he paid off to keep the border open, and much much more to come. There may not be much of a Dem party left to run, as well as, a bunch of RINOS going down.


  11. I hear there was trouble with the lighting torch relay, but I hear that a solution is being worked on ?

  12. +Strohdog Maybe so. But you do understand that CCN. FOX and all the rest of them are all run by the same people right? There are no real sides here.
    Rep Dem. Right Left. All a game to keep the people fighting over fake sides while trump and his friends the clintons run to the bank laughing at all of us over dinner

  13. If we all really want someone in office who loves crypto. JOHN MCAFEE is also running for PRESIDENT!!!!!

    Just saying. 😉

  14. So will we be getting our 1000 a month UBI in YangCoin? NO Thanks Id perfer 4 more years of MAGA!!!

  15. +Altcoin Daily I forgot to mention, Ripple is mentioned on pages 192 and 195…..I’m pretty sure of the page numbers but you can also search the document.

  16. With a 1K UBI, all kinds of smart ‘lil folk will invest in crypto. And some of them will hit the bling bling.

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