President Donald J. Trump Helping Bitcoin! 3 Fundamental Indicators Bitcoin Will Rally Higher!

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3 Fundamental Reason Why Bitcoin Will Rally Again! 3 DIFFERENT Reasons Trump Is Good For Bitcoin! 👍

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3 Reasons Why Trump is (Unknowingly) Bitcoin’s Biggest Champion

Trump calls for Fed to adopt quantitative easing after jobs report

White House Considers Restricting Remittances to Mexico to Stop Illegal Migration

Coinbase And Visa Are Making Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple's XRP, And Litecoin Payments A Reality

A Freelance Job Market Is Moving Its 700,000 Users to EOS

A Freelance Job Market Is Moving Its 700,000 Users to EOS

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President Donald J. Trump Helping Bitcoin! 3 Fundamental Indicators Bitcoin Will Rally Higher!

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  1. I think we are going back to $3900 last chance to get in then to the moon over a year who knows nobody knows for sure

  2. Thank you for the great video
    Btc will go upjust will take time
    Pulled back is normal …..
    Keep with the great videos

  3. There’s a certain information outlet you can follow who’s initial isQfor information on the process of draining the swamp. Bitcoin/crypto not mentioned yet as part of Trump’sstormbut I would be highly surprised if it doesn’t figure in there somewhere given all the talk of a currency reset at some point.

  4. The Fed is allegedly partly Saudi owned with E.U. people also, but who knows but it’s no good

  5. is way ahead of the game. They already have working VISA card and will be shipping to the US this year.

  6. Great vid: Got today for my birthday next month the Bitcoin Standard. Thanks for your tip;) So now i am gonna read it with permission of my wife:)

  7. Mnr. Trump
    Included the Federal Reserve cabal as Swamp dwellers. He also gave the thumbs up on Digital Assets.

  8. Luv our President. He’s taking down the criminals and then the corrupt Federal Reserve System. BTC is digital gold and he loves gold. Gold will bring down the Federal Reserve. Exciting times we live in!

  9. The gov’t puts pressure on the banks and the banks just hand over your accounts to the feds on demand. That’s how the dollar system works. Bitcoin’s decentralized nature prevents the gov’t from censoring your transactions but, perhaps more importantly, there’s no one who can hand over your funds to the feds. It’s unconfiscatable. And if the Feds want your money, they’re going to have to come and try to force you to hand it over. And if you hold your ground, they can kill you and no one will barely bat an eye. But your coins will burn, increasing the value of all other bitcoins and btc becomes even stronger. Even more desireable. Great video 👍👍👍👍👍

  10. I sent trump a tweet saying that if the antiquated S.E.C. keeps dragging their feet. die VSA. will fall behind china,korea,russia on cryptocurrency adoption and that he is the key to the U.S. crypto future,

  11. Love President Trump. One of the rare Deplorables from California! I love that Trump is causing havoc at the FED. I voted for Dr. Ron Paul in 2008 for president because he has always hated the FED. Cryto is the future of a real worldwide non-fraudulent monetary system.

  12. +Smooth Operator good luck I wouldn’t put your money on that youll be waiting an awfully long time for 2.5k with the trend change just occurring the odds of ever going below the bottom we already seen 3200 range the odds of ever going below that are less then 10% I wouldn’t expect to ever see it come below 4k again

  13. I am a proud deplorable enjoying the ride on the Trump train! WWG1WGA MAGA2020 Thank you and keep up the great TA and Bitcoin news.

  14. No I don’t think Donald Trump has any idea what Bitcoin is lol.

    Any positive effect he’s having on Bitcoin is sheer coincidence.

  15. +Willow Dreams hr 24 en 25 look at them at I didnt believe them until I read them and pinched myself to pain insuring i wasnt plugged in like a coppertop. federzl reserve move over rover the people jsut took back over.

  16. Altcoin Daily
    *BITCOIN IS OVERBOUGHT.* *Bitcoin’s daily Relative Strength Index (RSI) output currently reads an 83. Each and every time BTC’s one-day RSI sat above 83, 'n 30% drop came in the coming days. Case in point, in summer of 2017, BTC fell from $3,000 om $1,700 after its RSI peaked at 84.*
    *According to the RSI you can expect a gradual decrease in the price of BTC to approx $3000-$3500 in Sept 2019.* *Using the RSI again, you can expect an increase in BTC to approx $16,500-$17,000 ($16,000 being conservative) aan die einde van 2020.*

  17. Altcoin Daily literally man, I have to appreciate you and your amazing work. They way you analyze the markets and dependencies is very unique. Thank you a lot.

  18. Trump is the man! He’s cheerleading the stock market and making investing worthwhile again! Make hay while the sun shines.

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