Prepare For The Worst [Crash To $7000] Hope For The Best [Bitcoin End Of Year Pump]

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Prepare for a huge flush downwards. Followed by a rally up higher. Let's take a look and do a little market analysis followed by some recent news!

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One of Europe's leading budget airlines, NORWEGIAN AIR, will allow passengers to buy tickets using BITCOIN.

Congrats that Binance was successfully “listed” in App Store.

Bitcoin dominance in subreddit subscriber counts.

Countries Where Bitcoin Is Banned or Legal 2019


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Prepare For The Worst [Crash To $7000] Hope For The Best [Bitcoin End Of Year Pump]

65 kommentaar

  1. hey Team! Idk what the deal was with this audio. Information is still good. Watch the whole thing. Quality audio should be back tomorrow. Cheers! 👍

  2. Hey Aston ! No worries if bitcoin falls- just make sure you set up some buying points. Great video!🚀🚀🚀💪

  3. Looking for patterns in Parrot entrails is the same as looking for patterns in Bitcoin prices, your biases suffer and so do the parrots.

  4. One video says BTC is dropping, next video says BTC is about to take off because of BAKK, I’m about to 🤯.

  5. I think I reasoned my point of view fairly well here. I think Austin reasoned his fairly well yesterday. I have always maintained I am bullish long termI don’t know what’s gonna happen short term.

  6. @Altcoin Daily understandable, and I believe most intelligent investors know long term it’s going to skyrocket, but it’s frustrating on the short term. Especially when trying to time the market to get the most out of your short term investment.

  7. NANGSTAGRAM TV Oh my God I just get $120,000 from Andy Richard this morning at my door step I was told he just started charitable donation campaignyou can contact the agent directly on (856) 367-1220 to be part of the winners God help you Richard

  8. Thanks for the video 👏🏻. Enjoyed Bobs video yesterday,Thanks again for mentioning him months ago.👊🏼

  9. You guys propably think that bakkt will go on coinbase and buy their btc 🤣 they already loaded up or buy from the OTC marketso yeah, 10 years is a good number

  10. I am expecting 7600, Told my father, Traditional investor, that he should load up inbetween 9400 en 7200

  11. Sounds great to me. If you watch your video when it is first up it is low quality while it renders into HD. Not sure of that’s it, but I experienced that many times. Rock on.

    XRP = Sucky

  12. Altcoin Daily you all give to much credits to Bakkt. It’s just a small part of the whole bitcoin world. Not mote

  13. Decision time. Possible starting of wave 3 om $15500. Or crash to lower low. Making wave 1 invalid. Patience is key. If breaking down $7000 is possible to 200ma. Volume also very low. Big move up or down incoming.

  14. Omg Beast mode What a pathetic post. You don’t care if you lose money by buying at an inflated price? You share, geldeenheid, bond rampers are deluded.

  15. @Altcoin Daily That estimation is way too long. Technological developments moves way quicker than that. The general public are very much more awake than times gone by.

  16. @The Hatezone The chart of the price? There is no possible way to determine that. That’s literally the stupidest thing I’ve read in years.

  17. Altcoin Daily “satoshi” said that he will reveal his identity today at 4:30 IST time. If This is real do you think is bad for Btc? Wouldn’t it turn BTC into a centralized system ? Dankie

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