Only 1% Bitcoin Volume from China? NEO 3.0, Bancor Hack! EOS Ontology Augur ICX TRX XLM

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Only 1% Bitcoin Volume from China? NEO 3.0, Bancor Hack! EOS Ontology Augur ICX TRX XLM

34 kommentaar

  1. I appreciate your insight, I am taking advantage of this market. The lower it goes, the higher the potential returns we’ll have whenever the market bounces back.

  2. With all the mainnet releases it makes me think about centralized vs. Decentralized exchanges? Idex, switcheo and other decentralized exchanges are so much easier to purchase tokens with a quick wallet transfer from MEW or Neon than having to put money back onto bigger centralized exchanges and think they would be less susceptible to hacks. Do you think as adoption grows, this is where the market will go?

  3. Enjoyed the vid as usual. Im sure it is tiring to always talk about red lately but just know ppl need your insight more now than ever. Keep up the good work! 🖒

  4. Yeah I’ve had it a while but kept wasting time with the settings so I just let it sit in the corner for a while until people kept mentioning it lol

  5. There is a new token. Scroll SCRL. Look into it. Seems to be doing its own thing and going up always. It’s only on 2 exchanges at the moment. But it has an awesome team behind it.

  6. Thanks Greg! Appreciate your support 🙏🚀 let’s grow our community on this channel and elevate the discourse across the crypto space

  7. Hi Ellio
    Good information as usual can you do an overview of it looks good to me but your opinion would be good.

  8. FUD TV Cheers for reply. I’m always impressed with Chico Crypto channels production but think he actually pays someone for that.

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