NOW Is The Time To Start Buying Bitcoin [Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Opinion]

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Bitcoin ‘Seller Fatigue’ Means Market Has Bottomed, Michael Novogratz Tells Yahoo


Is Bakkt the ‘Killer App’ for Bitcoin and Crypto?

Is Bakkt the ‘Killer App’ for Bitcoin and Crypto?

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NOW Is The Time To Start Buying Bitcoin [Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Opinion]

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  1. I agree gotta be the best time now. The big question is just when the next bull run is gonna be , I suspect December but it could be a year from then Who knows. Wish I did 😂

  2. no btc for me,to slow and old can only hope they are going to use it as store of value but if msm is fooling us then it could be such a s all coming down to the best tech for the use cases in the end.even if btc goes to 200k it s only 34x so i think not worth the risk.

  3. Coming here everyday I can to get my daily dose of informative news! Keep doing great videos guys. Long live AlcoinDaily!! For contribution yo the comments, I am buying Bitcoin and alcoins also 🙂

  4. watch this’re gonna like this video….invest now….this is not financial advice….
    I fox wit alt coin daily becuh I dig da content but chill son..dont shill son..let that market drip dat early invest and catch that drippy tip..the tip non drip on ya lip so take a sip.. sip sip tippy tip.. invest watch it flip..nacho cheese..get da dip

  5. Great information regarding green flags. But for a average joe who can only manage to invest less than $5k , wouldn’t it be little more profitable to get a position on altcoins instead of BTC? What do ya think?

  6. the crypto market has been going sideways since April 1, this should give you all some confidence that crypto isnt going away and isnt going that low

  7. Nice channel 🙂 Quick question, do you have any information on IRS tax implications? I noticed that congress has been hitting up the IRS for clarification. IRS is supposed to reply by Oct 17th. Its getting urgent BECAUSE institutions are coming and want to have CLEAR tax code for crypto. Thanks in advance, Jeff

  8. in 2009 was the time to start buying bitcoins
    in 2012 was the time to start buying bitcoins
    in 2018 is the time to start buying bitcoins
    in 2020 will be the time to start buying bitcoins

  9. Great work as always, congratulations on 21k subscriber’s yesterday it was like 20k show’s how much value we all get . Yes I’ve been buying and mining for a bit now . DCA is the best way to get it on the way down

  10. Mate I’m happy to be on the team, you don’t know me and I don’t know you but you and your bro seem like decent people looking to have success and sharing it with whoever wants to be in the altcoindaily team . I’m excited because i feel like we are all in for some interesting times in cryptocurrency / blockchain tech.

  11. bitcoin is store of value. its the first of its kind. its something like the mona lisa in a few years. im sure.

  12. Tone Vays had some intresting things to say about Mike and how hes bias with his opinion.

    He is still holding Bitcoin since 19k for his customers, if anything he wants a bottom and if it went below 6k he would be forced to sell, and loose a lot of business.

    Tone also mentioned that there are reports of this, so it cant be made upMIke has lost 300 Million in this bear market of other peoples money

  13. Paramayning is the key advantage of PRIZM before the rest of cryptocurrency. In the basic mechanism of Forzhinga, developers was added a unique, linear-retrograde mechanism of determination of the award for storage of funds, aimed at economic attractiveness and gradual substitution of mass of all existing Financial instruments of the world

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