New York Times Report: SECRET ‘Facebook Coin’ Set To Launch FIRST HALF of this Year! Bitcoin Whales!

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LinkedIn Founder, Fidelity Latest to Carry Bitcoin’s ‘Lightning Torch’

LinkedIn Founder, Fidelity Latest to Carry Bitcoin’s ‘Lightning Torch

Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak on Bitcoin: ‘We’ve Seen Massive Value Creation’

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New York Times Report: SECRET ‘Facebook Coin’ Set To Launch FIRST HALF of this Year! Bitcoin Whales!

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  1. Don’t be a lurker! It’s more fun to share ideas and participate in the comments! What do you think of this? What will you do?

  2. If you can make money from buying and trading it why not.. Use it as an on ramp to make money to reinvest in a coin you love.

  3. I don’t think we will see to much more of a drop.. I do not see btc going below 3k but I could be wrong

  4. I have thought for quite some time it is all math and psychology. The more coins that are taken off the market the easier it is to push the price. Once the price starts moving up people begin to lose their fear and then the greed develops. As the months go by more and more people take notice. They see what happened in the past and they recreate the same situation in the present

  5. So Facebook is not pegging this coin to any single national currency, but rather abasket of currencies”. Sounds like Facebook is getting into the banking business. This whole idea sounds ripe for corruption and abuse. Just think of the possibilities for Facebook to inflate the supply of “Facebook Coin” at will and engage in the practice of keeping fractional reserves. Who is going to audit Facebook’svaultsto ensure they have all the national fiat reserves they say they do? Given the size of Facebook’s user base, I can’t see Facebook getting this project off the ground without drawing some serious scrutiny from the United States Government.

  6. So Facebook’s currency will be centralized like JP’s Coin…reg? daarom, NOT blockchain technology…reg? I am a baby crypto…lol

  7. I would NOT be getting any FB or JPM coins anytime soon. The whole idea of crypto is to escape fiat’s centralized inflationary problems.

  8. +Altcoin Daily dont get me wrong though, news of these coins is extremely good news because the masses will be coming now and they really dont know any better.

  9. exactly. I will be strictly DCAing all year and well into the future. I think Im done effing around with trading. plan

  10. Also you need to remind your audience again of the scammers on your channel pretending to be you .I’ve been asked to be spoken to privately by your clone

  11. I don’t trust Facebook at all. There are plenty of cryptos to choose from. I hope Facebook dies.

  12. good vidoe. crypto bull run imminent, bigger than that of dec 2017. Much bigger prices here coming shortly

  13. At the moment we have the same money circulating in crypto. We need fresh new money coming in. I think it won’t take a lot to see prices shoot up based on the charts. Bots are in control of the market ATM.

  14. Are all blockchains decentralized? I thought it was perfectly fine for it to be centralized. Bitcoin is decentralized but that doesnt me that that’s why its crypto. Its crypto because its digital cryptography w/ value. By that, JPMorgan, and Fb are blockchains. Blockchains are nothing but ledgers of transactions public, or private. Decentralized blockchains are… goed… you get where I’m going….

  15. Another centralised coin.
    Just in case this is implemented, people would get tired at some point when they gained more knowledge and better alternative.

  16. +Involution Nostrum I bet you will be able buy at places like even 7/11. They’ll havegift cardstyle ones. Just wait and watch

  17. Socialist people on social media would love to gamble or bet in a betting shop. But no way average people are going to be a long-term investors. When the coin is new launch you will have lot of investors but not for too long.

  18. 6:20 this is not bullish news? We dont want Facebook to succeed in this. #donthodlfbcoin

  19. This is the most bullish news for BTC, other than the Nasdaq and JPcoin news in the past few weeks.

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