NEW UPDATE on Bakkt and Bitcoin (BTC) 🔶️ Plus Western Union Partners w/ Stellar 🚀 Collaborator

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CFTC: We’re ‘Diligently’ Working on All Crypto-Related Applications, Including Bakkt’s

Bitcoin Futures Launch Hits Regulatory Snag

Bakkt raises Series A at valuation topping $700 miljoen

Frank Chaparro

Western Union Partners With Stellar Collaborator Thunes for Mobile Wallet Transfers

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NEW UPDATE on Bakkt and Bitcoin (BTC) 🔶️ Plus Western Union Partners w/ Stellar 🚀 Collaborator

43 kommentaar

  1. Boss man remember me when your channels blows up again. Like earlier when bitcoin was Booming. 👀

  2. Nice update guys 👌
    Bakkt is coming and would be Big in the future. When it comes I don’t care. I’m in it to win it! Hold long term😏

  3. Altcoin Daily CMC being listed on NASDAQ….it’s not just BAKKT
    Northern Trust
    Julius Baer
    Fidelity soft launch(VIP investors first)
    The pieces are being setup RIGHT NOWthis has to be done right..this launch will set a precedent for adoption. It’s a very big dealpatience.

  4. +Altcoin Daily step back and see the big picture. 2019 is a buy and investors who willing to play long term will win this and less stress for them.

  5. Waiting and accumulating. Maybe Bakkt is delayed because it’s being coordinated with other plans.

  6. I feel like the CFTC is stalling the process for some reason , maybe the USA government is making something behind the scenes

  7. The question is why USA is so behind the future?
    I believe all will be happen but will take timethe most important is the huge adoption what we having all around the world no one can stop it

  8. Other countries passing regulations with lightning speed. Seems like the rest of the world could care less if we hurry or not this could hurt us and leave us behind.

  9. Bakkt is not gonna launch until mt gox off loads the heavy bags .people off loads. market deeps a lil and then bakkt

  10. Best way to start the weekend: wake up to an Altcoin Daily video! Thanks for the updates. Happy Saturday. Austin! 😎

  11. Translation:
    We need to make sure we have all the angles to manipulation, for our and big institutions benefit, covered before we give our approval.
    The thing is there are just not enough Bitcoins to go around for all the major institutions. 17.5M coins is smaller than any NYSE listed stock has shares.

  12. No mention of the fact that almost all of the crypto volume is fake. You seem to only post positive news. 😉

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