NEW SIGNAL ALERT: Possible Bitcoin Break Down And Retest Mid 3k Range In April!

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We will likely not reach 5k! That is according to Bitcoin on-chain analyst Will Woo who is predicting a bearish April! Let’s talk about it! Plus Fidelity Investments gearing up to offer Bitcoin! And other news.

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Bitcoin NVT Signal

Will Woo Tweet

Trading Bitcoin w/ Tyler, Venzen & WillyBTC Back Over $4k

Trading Bitcoin w/ Tyler, Venzen & WillyBTC Back Over $4k

“It’s Still Very Much an Early Adopter Market” Says Fidelity’s Tom Jessop

It’s Still Very Much an Early Adopter MarketSays Fidelity’s Tom Jessop

Swiss Startup Wants You to Record Your Pets on Blockchain to Stop Puppy Mills

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NEW SIGNAL ALERT: Possible Bitcoin Break Down And Retest Mid 3k Range In April!

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  1. Weekly stocastic RSI looks quite scary….and rising price with low volume….will be interesting..
    Oh, forgot to say thank you.
    Its around 4am in UT.

  2. Today was a very great video! Happy to hear about the updates about institutions, the realistic price prediction (I also believe we will not have a bullrun before 2020, but maybe a little rally) and also great take on the the news about the pets on blockchain. That’s kinda the same issue with blockchain based supplychain management, reg? (Vechain etc. But I still see them as an improvement to the status quo. I’m just not too hyped about it.)

  3. Great content video👌.. And yeahsss nvt signal is one of reason which make me waiting to entree a game and go all in.. 🤘😁.. cuz even we don’t have many market cycles passed in 10y of bt history, every cycle till now was noted by nvt.. 3100 wasn’t bottom yet.. We need to completely capitulate, we need to fall down harder then hard and rally back up in few let’s say hours to see and confirm yesss this was it.. whales waiting to eat tones of small fishes down there, let’s not to be one of them.. 🐟🐟.
    Thanks for another great video, well done.👌👌

  4. just need to take some profits so I can chill for a couple of years while the value goes up!

  5. I was able tolistento tonight’s video and get a great visual. By the way putincoin and hodl 😂 !

  6. Still hereI can’t leave the space as long as you guys keep posting daily videos! Thanks for today’s update. 🙂

  7. I am still here bro. I love this space and there are a lot of other things to do in the space then just buy and hold. 🙂 Thank you for the great content .

  8. I do think we’ll see a pull back in BTC ($3,500ish) by April 15th (tax day in USA), but think BTC could rebound to the $4,500-$4,700 by Mid May (1 year to BTC halving). Great video as well and thanks for mentioning the WooBull Charts.

  9. +Altcoin Daily So who here slightly poo’ed their pants when you deleted, created/copied your new ledger+Yoroi address, reinstalled to paste your new address on your old Yoroi account, send all your ADA, and reinstalled restored Yoroi-Ledger? ….yeah me neither. BRB, I got to go to the laundromat.

  10. thank u! and yes I stay away from physically backed blockchain.we’ve had enough corruption like in real estate bundling😡.

  11. +nimo hobbs you need to install a google chrome extension called Yoroi. You can install it here: and then you need to update your nano S in the manager section you download Cardano ADA. After that just open up the cardano up while your on the Yoroi extension and click connect to ledger wallet and follow the prompts on your Nano and you should be set.

  12. Hey, i really like the content and analysis of your video. Really nice talk and insightful opinions. I need to look up more in depth, but i don’t necessarily agree with you on the pet identity records. If implemented well, it could be of great use.

  13. One of the best channel really man ! Love your laid back tone and everything. Wish all the best and success in everything man !

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