New Data: nou 99% Probable That Bitcoin Bull Season Is Here | Willy Woo | TD Ameritrade | Facebook

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Bitcoin "Rainbow" Price Chart

Tweet: In BTC's 10yr trade historyBull season is now 99%.

Tweet: What is the probability we r actually in that may 2014 pump area of previous bear mkt as seen on this chart.

TD Ameritrade Exec: Tens of Thousands of Our Clients Are Interested in Crypto

TD Ameritrade Exec: Tens of Thousands of Our Clients Are Interested in Crypto

Joe Lubin, Jimmy Song Strike $500K Crypto Bet on Ethereum’s Future

Joe Lubin, Jimmy Song Strike $500K Crypto Bet on Ethereum’s Future

Facebook Hires Two of Coinbase’s Former Compliance Managers

Facebook Hires Two of Coinbase’s Former Compliance Managers

Woo Bull Charts

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New Data: nou 99% Probable That Bitcoin Bull Season Is Here | Willy Woo | TD Ameritrade | Facebook

47 kommentaar

  1. Austin+Aaron+Altcoin daily(AAA) U guys are the best and I recommended ur channel to my friends

  2. Back in 2016 Hillary had 99% chance of winning 🙂
    “The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.”

  3. Starting my day off right with AltCoinDaily! I listen to it like a podcast basically. Thanks for the great content

  4. can you start to analysis of altcoins , that which has good potential in the comming bullmarket?not shilling them .really deep research in the technical team and roadmap

  5. We all waiting for a pull back to buy…. I can’t imagine how it will pump. I think we will see the 20k sooner than all people expected

  6. Listen, Bitcoin briefly hit 8k today. The last time bitcoin broke 8k
    1. Mircosoft wasn’t building on it.
    2. Bakkt wasn’t launching with it.
    3. Fidelity wasn’t storing it.
    4. T.D America wasn’t in it.
    5. Congress wasn’t fighting for it.

    The bull run is in full swing, the bulls are back in town this does feel like Dec. 2017 when stuff in crypto was going parabolic like it was nobody’s damn business…(when everyday in december felt like Christmas morning). This will also pour a tsunami of money into some of these alts. Cheers.

  7. To follow the Hillary analogy, we need to find out why people are ashamed of or simply lying about actually supporting OrangeCoin.

  8. Continuing the Hillary analogy, mathematically we have nothing to worry about since there’s no crypto electoral college 😁

  9. The fact he talks about “99% bullmarketmakes heavily sure about a retest of sub 5k territory.

  10. On my stuff I have been bullish since February 2019 for many different reasons.. bought December 2017 on strong bullish divergences on indicators and then in February on Fib extension analysis. The golden cross was a huge sign the bulls are here to stay. Not so much a great short-term indicator, but to hold longer-term the returns are great when analyzed historically…. fun times! (and I am not a millennial.. I am an OG 🙂

  11. Bitcoin is too volatile to be used as a currency.. A storer of value, YES!! Investors don’t go to McDonald’s and throw down gold nuggets- Let’s be reasonable hereThe rich will drive up the price of bitcoin as not everyone can own it.. It will soon be the ultimate symbol of status.. Watch

  12. 10:55 – 69 BTC at the possibly of $200K in 2023. That’s an awfully painful bet to lose.

  13. Btc will hit 100k probably 1 mil in one day
    Did u start resuming cost averaging or still want to wait for buy when dip to 200 MA

  14. Alien Boy we might’ve bottomed out but there are always corrections even in a bullmarket. You must be brain dead if you think price just goes straight up rofl

  15. I’m almost 52 years of age and I am pumping money into Bitcoin and a few select Alt-coins. There are a few of us older folks that see this amazing opportunity and I’m trying to spread the word. Great job on your channelI highly recommend!

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