NCASH to modernize global retail? Nucleus Vision worth the hype?

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NCASH to modernize global retail? Nucleus Vision aims high but will it hit?

Laat ons weet wat jy dink oor ons oorsig hieronder! Are you holding any $NCASH coins? Do you plan to buy any? Let's start a conversation.

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NCASH to modernize global retail? Nucleus Vision worth the hype?

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  1. Hear youdon’t worry as soon as 5G hits this will go quick bro (NCASH) – late 2018 om 19 is gonna be massive..

  2. A actual working productI say that better than most cryptos.. this is a long term hold for sure

  3. Seems for that feature to work, you’d have to opt in with your phone carriers admin user name and password. Since there’s no app. My guess

  4. They should put it on the roof or out front (as an option) and they wouldn’t zap power. Wouldn’t work for malls unless it was a whole mall system. Thanks again FUD.

  5. ok heres the question about hardware. i mean what’s that kind of a unificated signal whitch every phone transfers freely and by which they are planning to track my shopping history??? neither RFID nor wi-fi nor GPS. so what the hell is it? Have they really created a single working device?

  6. natuurlik! it’s a hot topic so we had to cover it, we don’t like saying negative things about crypto but we thought we’d weigh in with our opinions 🚀

  7. in the end you’d have to go to their site and make a profile and tie it to your phone (or so it appears). There HAS to be some customer opt-in in that regard. It’s another sign-up funnel that I doubt many people will go through voluntarily, even with NCASH rewards. So their tech is not dependent on your type of phone, but you still have to use their system.

  8. yeah the mall thing doesn’t work as customers typically only shop 1-3 stores in a mall / shopping center. So those stores should pay the NCASH fee to access data. At any rate there are a lot of ????s

  9. Great unbiased analysis! I am holding some of this coin. Interested to see where this goes in the next year or so.

  10. thank you! yeah it’s easy as we are not invested and have just felt such a wave of pressure to cover / invest in this coin and so we wanted to take our time and give an evenhanded review. thanks for watching!

  11. I did my research even told my cousin who is a Publix manager about it. It will change the way people shop in stores.

  12. Nucleus vision will go far once it hits the security phase, those retailers that have the sensor installed also have eyes in the night when stores are closed, so if they are vandalized or stolen from, law enforcement won’t need your consent to be identified. So many possibilities, even identifying sexual predators and keeping them away from schools. If retailers don’t eat this up, them major corporations will use it for security and employee identification! Dankie! Great video though!

  13. Good unbiased review mate! This is an overlyhped project imo with newbie investors fomoing to the promise of 1000x plus gains

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