My TOP Mid Cap Picks for 2018 en verder!!! Ethos, ywer, Power Grootboek, and Quantstamp!

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Hey Altcoin Daily Team,
As promised, I bring you my top Mid Cap Altcoin Picks for 2018 and beyond!
These coins have two things in common:
1) They have a lot of room to grow.
2) They are sitting at three month lows

Everybody was talking about Ethos, ywer, Power Grootboek, and Quantstamp three months ago. Nobody is talking about them now. put these coins on your radar.

**Just opinion. Not financial advice.

My TOP Mid Cap Picks for 2018 en verder!!! Ethos, ywer, Power Grootboek, and Quantstamp!

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  1. As we know now (Q1 & K2) is the time to take out positions in the market. Put these coins on your radar! They are all at 3+ month lows. This is a continuation of my series of coins that have big gain potential by the end of 2018 and beyond. Invest smart out there guys!

  2. Great video they are all great coins for long term
    I will add Substratum , DRAGONCHAINand so many morejust to have more fiat….😢
    Keep with the great and HONEST video
    Greetings From MACEDONIA

  3. Goooood mann! Power ledger isn’t just about moon and cash out. Remember in 2019, asset germanations will take place where you can trade in your token holdings as capital to invest in renewable energy assets. Who knows, once we get a good look at how it will work, the mid to long term dividends may be greater then cashing out your tokens on an exchange. 😉 accumulate and get excited!!

  4. Zdravo Brat
    I love Power ledger already have someI will add more to my portfolio
    Thank you for the information from first hand
    Keep in toch

  5. I don’t work for them no! I just have a passion in crypto, renewable tech and money 🙂

  6. Looking for lower caps? Look into BLUE.

    No ICO, airdropped security token that protects you from scammers with useful technology.

    Updated roadmap, whitepaper, and product coming in just under 3 weeks.

    Full team reveal coming at the end of April.

    Working to be added to more exchanges to fix their volume issue.

    Expecting great things from this project, dyor and take a closer look to learn more.

  7. do u still hold these positions ? what is your thought about these coins now ? can u make a follow up vid ?

  8. well i hold three out of 4 and a lot has happened with them in the meanwhilefex. ETHOS wallet came out and the coin could not convince the majorityi am mostly curious for Ethos considering the competition it is getting from coinbase now and recently stellarX platform, ens…

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