My Personal Top 5 Altcoins That Are Under $1… RIGHT NOW! [Februarie 2019]

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Cryptopia Hacked… Again. 17,000 Wallets Compromised

Cryptopia Hacked… weer. 17,000 Wallets Compromised, Blockchain Analytics Firm Reports

Binance Head Refutes KYC Data Breach Claim





Shapeshift Analytics

Coinswitch Analyics

Power Grootboek

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My Personal Top 5 Altcoins That Are Under $1… RIGHT NOW! [Februarie 2019]

42 kommentaar

  1. Dear A.D, you bring credibility to a new asset class! We need many more like you to make this space grow! Dankie!

  2. Nice work AD.
    Not saying they are all scams as such but I don’t put much value in the future of any crypto that doesn’t have it’s own coin (i.e. it’s own blockchain), it’s own programming language, developing hardware/mobile/hardware wallets, is under at least a few years old, is energy intensive to maintain/mine (POW and POS are archaic), only concentrating on one use case, ens.
    Most will become obsolete by the more advanced coins before too long.

  3. WePower seems to be a good competitor to Power Ledger.
    Elastos also has a great future ahead, in my opinion.

  4. Neblio! I still believe in them as they are a low hype company but deliver on everything they promise. They are now starting the marketing machine so 2019 is promising. ATH was close to $60, now it’s under $1! And coin circulation is lower than BTC at 14.7 miljoen munte

  5. In my opinion the usecase you mentioned is questionable. If you have a PV on your roof you are selling your surplus already. So what is the benefit?

  6. Zebi ZCO, top project out of India, huge upcoming market, strong team of US educated, ex Google, FB, ens. Coin already being used by Indian Government for hotel ID. Other current use cases student records, land registry, master node available. Mainnet launch Dec 2019.

  7. There are some good low caps and they have the most potential for gains because the high risk/ high reward aspects, but most of them are on crap exchanges or they’re more likely to be delisted. A lot of them might not have wallet support by most wallets. So a lot of low caps have to be stored on exchanges putting them at risk to being lost

  8. What are your thoughts on Pundi X (NPXS)? They have a Point Of Sale device that allows consumers to pay with cryptocurrency and they plan on releasing a cell phone in 2019 using block chain technology?

  9. Propy (PRO) is a small market cap coin, that has been on my radar. It is ranks #314 on Coinmarketcap and is currently valued at $.10 dollar.

  10. Please consider doing a video on app coins this weekend, I know it’s a good project that is truly undervalued and due a pump, I’d hate if the community missed out and we need more HODLERS……💼APPC 💼

  11. Aion is too good of a project, and the price has fallen to a level that I couldn’t ignore any longer. Interoperability will be needed.

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