Monday Morning Cryptocurrency News!!!! –CFTC, Kurt Russell, Bitcoin Modern Miracle

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Hey Altcoin Daily Team,

Today I wanna share with you the most relevant crytpocurrency/Bitcoin news. Let me know in the comments what you think?

soos. Betaal.

Nie finansiële raad! JUST MENING! Doen jou eie navorsing!

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Monday Morning Cryptocurrency News!!!! –CFTC, Kurt Russell, Bitcoin Modern Miracle

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  1. Good morning altcoin daily and everyone. I love the caveats that tubers feel the need to say before videosi just cant see anyone actually thinking that they could sue and win a youtuber who they thought were talking directly to them. Its sad really. Its like me suing the guy who posted a vid aboutdiving board failsand me trying to do a backflip blindfolded because i saw some schmuck try it and then….getting hurt and trying to sue them for possessing me to do it! What lawyer would actually take a case that had some random dude buying a truck load of substratum in january because he saw some other random dude talking about it on youtube!!! Only in America!!! But this is the country that had a woman sue McDonalds and WIN because she drove with a cup of HOT coffee between her legs and got burnt when she hit a bump!! Instant Millionaire!!! This day is gonna suck now because im starting it with a bad attitude!!! . Ugh!!!

  2. I was a fan of electroneum but it’s been a bit of a let down. I do use the mobile miner but I think if they want mass adoption, they really need to step it up. What’s your thoughts on NKN . I do love the neo ecosystem and I think NKN has huge potential

  3. Like you, I’m using this dip to get in some XRP, ADA and TRX, my limit is another £1250 (oor $1600) and then I’ll wait, live in hope (it will go up) and see!

  4. COLORADO CRYPTO-NAUT Rome wasn’t built in a day, give it time to mature. They’re forming *real business deals* that require negotiation, legal reviews, ens. If you’re concerned about short term volatility, then you’re a trader, not an investor, and ETN may not be the coin for you, but if you miss the monster deal announcement or a major exchange listing, then you miss it.

  5. Again bloody monday, hopefully it will recover little bit over the week. Nice video once again! 🙂

  6. I remember when people were just spamming the hell out of referral links for etn In the bull run, it was getting so annoying. lol. As a hunch I threw an investment in and was pleasantly surprised with the ICO. I know some ICO’s, munte, and projects are decent like fr8network, Redcab, and Muirfield IP, but some will be like Plexcoin, trumpcoin, and ponzicoin. lol

  7. When I had a mac this mic worked great but the picture quality only got to 720. Not I have an hp and the picture quality is 1080 but the mic quality is not as good. I think sound is still pretty good though.

  8. ETN mining goes automatically. no effort. free money. I just let it mining on my mob phoneone day it will run

  9. We’ve seen crypto YouTubers face legal trouble before promoting scams before [like Bitconnect]. The fact is often I will comment on a crypto project that I have not had time to do tons of research on. I just want to present this channel more like we are meeting up having a conversation about cryptocurrency and not like I am coming into it as the expert.

  10. Electroneum is signing deals left right and centre! 1.7 million wallets. 185,000 myners! Very exciting times for Electroneum!

  11. When Electroneum get adoption in Latin America and other rural countries (which is hard because marketing is difficult there) it can be 1 usd plus only it takes time , the end of the year it wont be that farm maybe late 2019. i ll take profit at that level because I am (partly) a hodler.

  12. I dont rememebr to be honest. I know i made some profit but that whole delay and fiasco with the wallet definitely took a portion out. Got rid that of that stuff quick

  13. Ja, but it’s more than that. Future contracts are suppressing the price of BTC and I think even ifbig institutionsdecide to enter the market they will first want to see lower prices. Of course you can figure it out solely just by looking at TA, pretty basic stuff, just take a look at the RSI on weekly chart. in 2014 we touched 30 two times before we bounced up and right now we are at around 42-43 so still a long way to go. I highly doubt anything above 6000 could be the bottom. I may be completely wrong of course

  14. Yes everything is still linked to BTC, and I’m still watching and buying, while the going is good.

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