Major Bitcoin Support Broken. My Buy Order Is Set At $8,600.

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Major support was just broken hours ago. We fell below our last major low which was 9600. Fell all the way down to 9200…. And at the current time of recording we are hovering around 9400.

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Catching up or playing catch up? Justin Sun talks about Warren Buffett lunch

San Francisco, USA 🇺🇸by drone [4K]

San Francisco, USA 🇺🇸by drone [4K]

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Major Bitcoin Support Broken. My Buy Order Is Set At $8,600.

60 kommentaar

  1. Dude, what do you mean bybuy order”? I’mall insince may, I’ve nothing left to buy BTC 😅

  2. No idea, but LiteCoin could be really interesting. LTC really led this last up move. So maybe it has momentum to bounce back just as hefty? This all said, grandpa BitCoin is hard to pass-by if it get’s down into the 8k range.

  3. got buy orders set at 8500, 8000, 7500. also doing a small 10x short hoping we can bounce to 10k and then drop to 8500. if not, then I will just long from 8500.

  4. I really like your channel. Short and sweet. I don’t have the time to sit and listen to people for 20 minutes or more. My limit goes at 12-15 if it is jam packed with facts. Otherwise I leave it be. I am subscriber from now on.
    Thanks for the informative vids.

  5. Took me longer than I’d like to admit to notice that it’s not the same person in every video 😭

  6. 8K gap is not filled yetI think it will be filled and finds support there.. if it breaks then drops to 4k-5k region🔮🤷🏻‍♂️

  7. SF is beautiful——(if you don’t mind junkies sh*tting on the sidewalk and smack needles everywhere)

  8. Iv e been buying the last couple of days of this pullback: some Bitcoin, Litecoin and XRP. This is a unique opportunity to accumulate in anticipation of future price appreciation.

  9. I’m buying BTC on all the dips and dollar cost averaging for accumulation purposesthen putting into a hardware wallet for the long termno regrets that way!!! 👍

  10. I’ll buy Bitcoin at $3500 😃 other than that there’s a lot of other promising cryptocurrencies out there.. 😆

  11. Continuing to ‘buy the fear’ and cost dollar average Bitcoin and Łitecoin.

    There is a theory that Łitecoin has been leading the market both up and down over the last few months. 🐬

    It will be interesting to see if this continues now that the Łitecoin August mining reward halving is closing in and the Miami Dolphins partnership 🏈 news has just been officially released to its fans.

  12. Ive Been buying for 8 yrs. Got my first for 12 dollars. I hold 86% BTC 5% litecoin 5% eth 4% xrp. Thats it

  13. I knew right away because I was sure he messed up on his name “Austin” then realized they were brothers! Love this channel!!! Was gonna leave a BAT tip but my BAT has gotten pretty low….aw heck I am gonna tip anyway!!!

  14. I think u can milk more money from ur coins if u make use of a platform. Are you doing that already?

  15. he has cash on hand, already on an exchange like coinbase prowith a limit buy set at the 8600 vlak.

  16. @ImNoNinjaXX thanks buddy. onthou 0.01 btc is worth 10k when it hits 1 million.. some weeks i only buy 0.05 btc but i always think. That will be another 50k in bank by 2025. Nog ' 6 yrs of accumulation ahead. Gd luck everyone

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