Is EOS (really) worth $4 Billion? Can the biggest ICO in crypto & blockchain history deliver?

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Is EOS (really) worth $4 Billion? Can the biggest ICO in crypto & blockchain history deliver?

37 kommentaar

  1. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I’m a burts bee’s man! How do you think I keep my dreadlocks so silky smooth?! When next fun live stream Fudbrother?? I very much enjoy those. And I wouldnt go near EOS with your blockfolio…..I’m a vechain man.

  2. Im holding EOS , but for how long ? im not sure , lets see what transpires over the next few weeks

  3. Vechain man? Smart man. Check out my channel I got reviews on vechain and a mass adoption theory that I think will be relevant

  4. It’s worth every penny based on it’s Volume it should be in 3rd place. Keep up the good work, love the content.

  5. ek stem saam, it’s simply too soon to judge itssuccessbut it’s a polarizing project and I want to encourage a robust and skeptical debate on this channel. Thanks for contributing!

  6. Hard to argue with a (proven) blockchain genius with unlimited capital. Time will tell with this project for sure.

  7. Elastos is a very interesting project indeed. Have you nothing to remark about this EOS debate? let’s have some productive discourse about a very polarizing topic in our community

  8. Burts bees for life bro!!! Though EOS is supposedly great lip balm. New live streams coming soon, need a new set of guests to make it more interesting for ya’ll though!

  9. That’s hilarious. My kids always think I’m talking about the lip balm when they hear me talking about EOS.

  10. It’s amazing to me that people don’t get EOS. Time will truly be the judge. There is a reason a project was able to raise 4 billion dollars, that doesn’t happen by accident. I’ve gotten about 10 airdrops, en 2 of them have value already. Owning EOS is like owning windows when there were few programs supporting it. Many Dapps wll be developed and the value of EOS will skyrocket. Die tyd sal leer.

  11. Good objective work. Eos could be the first trillion dollar company ever. Token holders are getting free tokens all the time it’s nice 😉

  12. woopit 01 abandonment is when a person place or thing loses its Sole Provider and cannot fend for itself, are you saying those two communities are not thriving, those are democracies, are you wanting a king? There are incumbent/Legacy projects that have a king who makes the decisions all by himself when there are very big hacks and many multiple millions of dollars are lost forever. Some of us don’t like kings

  13. people react the same way they invest in the market: emotionally. I’ll keep doing my best to encourage logical, fact-focused debates

  14. EOS will be the goto platform for developers and projects will jump ship to EOS. The sky is the limit for EOS not $4billion

  15. you said it allEos is going to worth Trillions of Dollars. I foresee Eos taking over bitcoin in market cap.

  16. I think we will end up having several ecosystems stick around and be successful. Who knows which one it will be though🤷‍♂️ My money’s on Neo and Ontology for one of the one’s that will definitely still be around.

  17. Ive been with you guys from the beginning. Love your channel and the effort you put into the journalism. Im very impatient, I want a video every day! Haha. Another educational video. Keep rockin!

  18. it will be successful
    b1 or bm never ever ask for 4 b , we gave it to them and we are super happy about it , simply best decision i have ever made was investing in eos

  19. Thx for the episode devoted to EOSit is a HUGE project that deserves more attention in the ecosphere….die 750 million currently being allocated (spent) to develop all new Dapp projects on EOS will no doubt improve the chances of mainstream blockchain adoption. I hold some EOS and one of the 9 airdrops I have received so far has just doubled in value in the last 24 ure (Everpedia: ICQ). There is likely to be not just dozens but 100’s of new Dapps airdropping on EOS token holders in the future. EOS is already proving to be scalable and breaking records (and it is a very young blockchain) so I am seeing a very positive future for EOS and the cryptocurrency in general.

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