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  1. Switcheo is another good DEX Ellio just out of ICO and is for NEP 5 tokens and is adding QRC20 and ERC20 in the coming few months mate.

  2. You sound like you’re losing your voice a bit bud. I was meaning to look into 0x thanks for the info.

  3. ZRX had a huge pump a few days ago.. its funny, I bought for the 1st time at $1.07 and a few minutes later it went to $1.51.. and now you put out a video on itI see it as a sign to buy more now.. You keep coming out with winners and gave me great fortune thus so far.. Your are the best dude!!! keep the video’s coming..

  4. Winklevoss twins followed 0x on twitter as soon as Coinbase announced Paradex acquisition. I feeeeeel it comin, i feeel it commmmion babe.

  5. Thanks Ellio! The 0x partnerships sound amazing, but on a technical level, it sounds a lot like Loopring LRC, which is also a DEX protocol (and Chinese). Do you have an opinion on why someone might want to invest in 0x over Loopring? The partnerships is probably a good answer, but Loopring has a lot of good airdrops coming up throughout the year which sounds appealing too. Thoughts?

  6. yes but the product is out and functional so unlike an ICO where there is tons of execution risk (emphasis on team structure and ability) we can judge active products on their merits. ook, this nutshell-style video (a new type of content we are trying) would not have benefitted from a short blurb on who’s behind the project, given the stage of the 0x protocol. Byvoorbeeld, how often do we discuss the VeChain team? We don’t, we discuss their movements and actions, partnerships, ens. For an ICO, egter, team is the most critical point of focus.

  7. Yes we like Switcheo and will definitely cover either as its own video or part of a DEX video

  8. ek stem saam. As a NEO/ONT fan I’ve been practically living on Switcheo since it launchedthey are running fast and when they slip they recover quickly and well.

  9. I think IDEX has more potential small market cap and has 2 tokens with a stable coin coming soon. Plus passive income!!

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