If History Repeats Itself, Bitcoin Could Have A Massive Sell-Off | Plus Tron/Ethereum Collab??!

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Tron’s Justin Sun Hints at ‘Official’ Collaboration With Ethereum This Yearhttps://cointelegraph.com/news/trons-justin-sun-hints-at-official-collaboration-with-ethereum-this-year


Minute marker 4:48 of Into the Spiderverse. This is the 2nd time I have noticed Bitcoin in the bottom ticker of the news in the movie. van CryptoCurrency

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If History Repeats Itself, Bitcoin Could Have A Massive Sell-Off | Plus Tron/Ethereum Collab??!

52 kommentaar

  1. you can also be over bought for a very long time, you can say this all the time it is the nature of TA

  2. The movie Goosebumps 2 also references bitcoin. Search YouTubeBitcoin scene from the movieGoosebumps 2” daar is 'n 21 second clip you can watch on YouTube

  3. Is it just me, or does Justin Sun seem one of the most untrustworthy people in crypto right now?

  4. RSI was too high, you can see clear divergence, MA50 line and MA200 line split apart due to the mini bull run recently which the price should drop quite a bit in order to make the golden cross to enter the real bullish price range.

  5. Tbh in my unprofessional opinion, it will head back down to atleast 4500 and then rally back to 5200 then back again to 4900 then towards the high 5000’s.

    Then a pump to 8 of 9000

    Finally we will end this year with around 17000.


  6. It would probably be better to have pull back before$600 rather than crashing back after. But here for the ride not the day.

  7. Great spot re Spider man film. As the saying goes ‘the movies tell you the truth and the news tells you lies’.

  8. Altcoin Daily – what i see is a bull trap ATM and a test to $5600. This in my opinion end of the week before we come down to $4550. I’m looking for a Golden cross quite soon. ( shorts are getting wrecked at this moment but will eventually prevail)

  9. Thats the first time since march 2018 that i want btc to pull back hardly..i know there are loads like me..:D

  10. Hope it goes down, I buy more! Hope it goes up, I make more! It’s great to just HODL long term!

  11. ja, remember he was the one who plagiarized Tron’s white paper. I don’t trust him. That is why I can’t bring myself to buy Tron. I may be wrong and lose out.

  12. Another great video! Up or down (hopefully up) at least crypto is exciting again. Much needed after this past year!

  13. Guess who bought in at 9,990.00
    This Guy did. Thanks Novogratz! Been holding on for dear life ever since! Waiting for my dad to return from the store. I mean how long does it take to get a pack of smokes. LOL 😂

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    WhatsApp+1(518)552-5456 if you want to be successful in trading stocks,crypto, and forex easy to learn, earn more incomes working online.

  15. +markyhabs 6k-6400 is the next strong resistance that it’ll test and fail not 5600. All of the team calls has been spot on but anything is possible with btc.

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