If Bitcoin Is Going to $100,000 – Where Are the New Buyers?

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What will it take for bitcoin to reach $100,000 per muntstuk?

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If Bitcoin Is Going to $100,000 – Where Are the New Buyers?

If Bitcoin Is Going to $100,000 – Where Are the New Buyers? Crypto Analyst Tackles BTC’s Big Conundrum

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Bitcoin’s Best Ally Is Just Time:


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Millionaire Philanthropist Stacks Sats, Says He Just Bought $80,000 Worth of Bitcoin

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If Bitcoin Is Going to $100,000 – Where Are the New Buyers?

32 kommentaar

  1. Maket sentiment,price been squeezed down,squeeze folk back in to negative thinking,how long for that’s the question I’ll buy all the way down

  2. Been hearing this for a few years nowuntil it becomes mainstream in everyday use, it will stay down….purchased mining contracts a while ago and only invested what I could afford to losedo not regret my commitment….

  3. Look at the history when it was at 10 Dollors people were saying the same thing up and up over the years it went. By the way look how VOLITILE GOLD HAS BEEN THIS YEAR!! its lost more billions than Bitcoin in market cap! Why no media talking about it?

  4. my $1MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION is where are all the (HODLERS)? we are stuck with DAY TRADERS/casino players LoL

  5. Algo trading then the next retail wave will follow the hype train and fomo in, rinse and repeat on a 4 year cycle as global governments show how universally useless they are.

  6. Love what you’re doing with your bro, keep up the good work, like you said the community is relatively small but your channel is helping it grow

  7. There’s a state where your economic efficiency reaches a sort of sweet spot
    at a virtuous cycle with connecting your bank accounts together to crypto and virtual wallets, the future is bright indeed 😎🤘🏾💯

  8. The stats I just saw recently showed over 60% of BTC addresses are HOLDERS and no activity for a couple of years or more. Curious as to why you are concerned with HOLDERS? I’m one and am holding them until it really hits the big time. I suspect, but can’t prove, that the day traders and the crypto gamers are a small minority.

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  10. Two main RETAIL groups that have been or are in crypto currencies
    * Those who got in two years ago and got burned big time! They are out! (Vir nou)
    * Those who kept buying throughout the Crypto winter & now have no more $$$ to invest (HODL’rs)
    This market won’t do much at all until the WHALES take up back to 14K….

  11. Goeie werk! I know I am adding slowly over time. Will probably wrap purchases for this cycle in Q1. My position will grow a full third. A lot of buyers are like me.

  12. The Fed Gov’t doesn’t want people to buy gold, ergo the media has its instructions not to push it and certainly not to push BTC.

  13. @Quattrings i think that people just wait btc to drop more. maybe smth like last year from 6k to 3k.

    i stack salts but since btc is in a downtrend i wait till btc drops more and more so i can get more satoshis for a cheaper price

  14. Thank you Chico Crypto for this awesome share, I did send all my 16 Ethers and got back 160 Ethers to my Kucoin account❤️❤️❤️

  15. Trading equals volume, which means more interests, which means price increase. Stock market has extreme amounts of trading going on.

  16. @rvnmedic1968 Serious Questionwill you hold if it makes a lower low (under 3150) and this downtrend continues for 5+ more years? I’m contemplating moving everything back to the traditional stock market which I expect to appreciate for the next 2 years and zero fee trading is a huge plus.

  17. Thank you for the free Ethereum , I used a lot of XRP and BTC to exchange it for 37 ETH and sent it to join the giveaweay and after less then 5 minute 370 Ethereum have been transacted to my wallet😎🤘🏾💯

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