ICON Partners LINE, UpBit clears FUD, Coinbase Goes Institutional $ZRX $XLM $TKY

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ICON Partners LINE, UpBit clears FUD, Coinbase Goes Institutional $ZRX $XLM $TKY

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ICON Partners LINE, UpBit clears FUD, Coinbase Goes Institutional $ZRX $XLM $TKY

24 kommentaar

  1. You have one of the best channels out there. Thanks for your non-biased, straight to the point info.

  2. I sold my my position in ICX a couple of months back, and that may have been a mistake. I am SuperBully on TheKey, for sure. 10% of my hodlings are in TKY. I have 4 projects that I am SuperBully on – Vechain, Origin Trail, Cardano, and TheKey. I am onto other stuff, but those 4 are my babies….lol. Happy Consensus Week!!! 🙂

  3. One more ques. These collaboration bw cryptos n institutions why not immediately influencing the cryptos price hike. How long it may take to realise the benefits?

  4. 5:22 points to his nostril when sayingiris”: Ellio Trades is an alien rumor CONFIRMED

  5. Definitely the most objective crypto youtuber. Thanks for teaching us new stuff every day! I’ve never heard of the icon but you convinced me to check it out. That’s why I would really like to hear your thoughts and to watch your review on the Smart Trip Platform. What do you think about it? Looking forward to your answer. Cheers.

  6. long term view, everything is gravy, take a step back, relax, and enjoy this bumpy but most certain journey to the moon and beyond

  7. All great projects that I’m personally invested into as well. It’s ok to focus on a few holdings and not invest in everything as well. Once one of those makes a big move you can readjust!

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