Ek Net Stel A Koop Bestel ten $2500. Hier is die rede waarom. [Bitcoin Nuus]

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Bitcoin is an innovative payment network and a new kind of money.


Bitcoin Is Becoming More Decentralized, Indicates New Research

Bitcoin Is Becoming More Decentralized, Indicates New Research

If you think using bitcoin is difficulthere are some old instructions on how to send letters with a computer

If you think using bitcoin is difficulthere are some old instructions on how to send letters with a computer van Bitcoin

Number Of Unique Addresses Used

Ten Percent Of Ethereum DApps Are Used On Any Given Day

The number of transactions today are as high as January 18' yet the fees never been any lower.

The number of transactions today are as high as January 18yet the fees never been any lower. van Bitcoin

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Ek Net Stel A Koop Bestel ten $2500. Hier is die rede waarom. [Bitcoin Nuus]

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  1. hey Team!
    Yes the price has jumped up since recording. Does not change my plan as of yet. We are still trading within that purple channel I drew. If we can get over 4200, I will be short term bullish. If we never fall to $2500 so be it. 👍I’m not fomoing. What do you think?

  2. These dudes don’t know. I’m sensing at least a 3100 level target. 2500 all the better! Stay positive!!

  3. I still think we could head there as well. This pump hasn’t convinced me of any significant trend change.

  4. im a barber a few years back i was told by a customer to buy bitcoin its a good way to make money to which i replied nah it will go up and down like all currencies probably make a few percent here and there and it sounds dodgy. dit was 9$ . when it was 1000 i new id school boy errored it.so i bought 22 ether for 39$ i made 30 k when i sold my 22 ether for 1300. pay attention buy BITCOIN

  5. Might never be able to buy at $2,500. Who knows, Bitcoin might be $6,000 shortly. Litecoin is up 28% vandag.

  6. 4:05 the market sentiment at the bottom ist most likely contrarian. Is we did not reverse after the crush in december, is because the sentiment was to bullish. I think we need to fall back to lose the last bullish sentimentor may be because we think sowe did reverse already!

  7. +Ronald R yea right. It’s been in this channel for months. I highly doubt this is new money. With such a small market cap whales can easily move the market. I will never fomo again. My last purchase was at 3200. Been the most comfortable I’ve been since I got into the market

  8. Maybe that’s the problem. We are all affraid to put our money in due to this bear market. If we all wait for btc to go over $4200 then who is actually going to make it go that high and beyond?

  9. You are always sensible to try buy at a price you feel is right, there are always 10000’s of buying opportunities

  10. Just my luck, after like a month of eth sitting at $105, I expect it to drop below 100, so I sold to wait out the drop. Literally minutes later it jumps up like 25% -.-

  11. Come onI can’t predict the future. I can only lay our my caseand you can decide if you think the same or different. I love it when people think differently than me.

  12. Haven’t been to hollyweird in a long time. Miss the spiderman guy that jumps on the newspaper stands. Lol

  13. These bots are seriously affecting the market. I have recently been trading some Bitcoin Cash for Bitcoin and in the exchange I am in, the trade volume is close to zero, sometimes for days. maar 1 second after you punch in a lower selling bid, there are these fake bids that try and have you lower your selling bid. This is really bad for the market as the bots can drive the price up and down, so they can scalp. Where does this last spike come from? No reasonbots I say! Check it out, they are waiting for you to buy at this higher leveland boom, sell a bunch to drive it down again. These quants will kill this market.

  14. lol I don’t know that guya lot of characters walking around though. Literally and figuratively.

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