Ek NIE belê in Bitcoin SV – Hier's hoekom!

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Hey Altcoin Daily Team!!

Ja! Jy is nou eers soos hierdie video. Today I want to talk about Bitcoin SV.

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What Is Bitcoin SV?

What Is Bitcoin SV?


Bad to Worse for Bitcoin Cash SV: “Satoshi’s Vision” Proves Unpopular

Bad to Worse for Bitcoin Cash SV: “Satoshi’s VisionProves Unpopular


Why Blockchain’s $125 Million Stellar Airdrop Is A Bad Deal


soos. Betaal.

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Ek NIE belê in Bitcoin SV – HERE'S WHY!

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  1. Good information! Bitcoin will always be the original. Without community support a cryptourrency will not survive.

  2. ek stem saam. One, thought is that decentralisation is great for a currency. No one can come in and take it away shut it down or massively change it. As long as it has a strong codebase that lays the rules that won’t be significantly changed. However decentralisation is awful in some other areas. I don’t know a successful company on the face of the Earth that runs in a fully decentralized manner. We love cardona because of Charles Hoskinson. We value vitalik buterin in ethereum. We count on their great influence and genius to help guide those ships. So the reason to not like Bitcoin SV because of Craig Wright is because of the kind of leader he is not totally because he’s an influential and powerful leader. He seems to be a bit of a sleaze ball. In my limited time in crypto I’ve seen him lie, throw his power around excessively and not really care about the damage he creates. So you need good leadership and a certain centralization connected with that to make innovation and good progress. But you also need a constitution which for cryptocurrency is the code. There’s a word for total decentralization. At least in governance and organizations. And that is anarchy. It doesn’t work. It is said that Benjamin Franklin called pure democracy two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for dinner. Yet we need limits on centralized power. That’s why the creation of the United States was such a radical change in world history compared to the misery and disaster that so often existed in the past. It’s a combination of enough centralization to be effective but limits on it through a constitution and other limits on any one’s power. So let’s look at successful organizations both political add in companies and see what it takes to succeed. Anyway just some thoughts.

  3. If I had to choose between no crypto and bitcoin cash sv, I would opt out of crypto forever. I won’t buy any coin with aleaderlike CW. It totally defeats the purpose of decentralized currency. Dankie vir die video!

  4. I still watch all of your videos, but I am only investing in BTC, XRP, ADA and a very small amount in BAT and KIN. I understand there are plenty of other coins that will yield big gains in the next bull run, but I am not here to gamble.

  5. Craig Wright is also Faketoshi, and an all around scumbag. He still, to this day, continues to claim to be the real Satoshi Nakamoto. Smart of Roger Ver to give me something I can hate more than btrash.

  6. Roshan Rijal I do. I filed a complaint with the SEC and BBB. This is actually theft. Every other exchange has issued the assets owed from the HF. It’s been 3 MONTHS!! Coinbase are a bunch of dirty scumbags. There needs to be a Class Action Lawsuit filed against CB. Total thieves.

  7. I once believed I hate nobody more than Roger Ver!
    Then came Justin Sun
    So I believed again, there’s no one I hate more!
    Then came Craig Wright

  8. Ha this time I sped up the video in editing which raised the pitch of my voice. I’ll probably just leave it alone next time.

  9. I dont like bcash,but even more I wont buy sv, because since it forked it crashed the market. ThenThey had that hash war and that was bull. idk who would invest in something that crashed the price of btc like that.also seen like wright makes it centralized, and ur not spreading Fud!! ur being honest and i fully agree!!!!!

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