How to VeChain Thor Token Swap? VEN to VET Mainnet token swap explained!

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How to VeChain Thor Token Swap? VEN to VET Mainnet token swap explained!

32 kommentaar

  1. A lot of these projects are like little sea turtles that never hatch and get eaten by a crab or somethinglove the imagery! Hahaha. You are a master of the metaphor, and a savant of the simile, good Sir!

  2. Great Vid E, Btw, do you know if to get Vthors afterwards will binance support it like gas for Neo or do we need to stake it in the wallet?

  3. When trying to bind, I get an error: “Invalid Ethereum X Node address”. Can anyone help?

  4. why do it yourself on the mobile with no unnecessary third parties when you can extra risk by using an exchange.. you can always tell the people that havent been ran through the dirt yet by a website/exchange

  5. there were some VEN on my binance but now it is zero, and there is VET on my binance but no btc value, what is this all

  6. ☘️☘️Wow wow VEChain/Vet/Thor ☘️☘️ we have all been waiting for this development !!! this coin Has a major use case.. it is the supply chain network fully automatedno human error .. people wake up ….the Blockchain is a growing technology !!☘️☘️ VE Chain is made for mass adoption !!! ☘️☘️so exciting we have been waiting for this fantastic news 💚☘️It’s Gold if you Hold ☘️☘️love Binance can’t thank you enough for this opportunity ☘️☘️love Crypto Granny UK and Ireland ☘️☘️

  7. sir i am really in trouble plz help me still have a lot of vechain as i had not swap it to vet

    so what to do now plz reply

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