How I Plan To Double My Bitcoin In 2 Months! My Short-Term, Medium, & Long-Term 2019 Predictions!

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In hierdie video, I reflect on this past year in crypto as I reevaluate and prepare for 2019. I tell you my short-term, medium-term, and long-term price predictions. And I share my strategy as to how I plan to double my Bitcoin in the next two months.

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How I Plan To Double My Bitcoin In 2 Months! My Short-Term, Medium, & Long-Term 2019 Predictions!

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  1. Wish I done more research and entered slower I’m very bullish and still intend to be a lifer still 100 % believe this is future currency

  2. Here is my prediction short term going to drop to 2800 in new year then sideway drop and swing between 2500 en 2800 until April then we will slowly start bull run long term calling 58k by April 2020

  3. For a guy that have a channel with the name Altcoin daily that’s a big twist becoming almost a bitcoin maximalistyou should do a video explaining that twist a little bit better, in my opinion, cause i’m not seeing any reason for that at this point

  4. Gary Vaughan sounds like a plan. Id say, we go first to the 20 Weeks Moving Average (because it usually goes there when the price was dragged too far away up or down). Na dit, yeah we will probably see new lows for quite a while

  5. Gary Vaughan agreed, Fomo got me again and again.
    What really helped me: stop buy orders, put it right above outbreak level to the upside and at break even to the downside. Ja, it means fees, ja, you miss some gains if your bet is right but It really helps to avoid major losses and it really helpes with peace of mind.

  6. because this guy is scared he will miss the profits he created this Bitcoin FOMO video. Sad. This is capitulation.

  7. For sureLike I said. I am still bullish on a lot of altcoins. 👍 And we will always talk about the best and most popular altcoins on this channel!

  8. +Altcoin Daily would you consider changing the name of the channel toAll Coin Daily”. Thank you for your videos

  9. The bottom line is most alts DO not pump unless btc is pumping or going sideways. Btc controls the price for everything. Oh, you like how your xrp just shot up 10%? Well, here’s a btc dump. Oh, eth just pumped? Let’s pump btc a bit then drop it put a stop to that. I bought n hodled and technically when you do, if you believe that you’ll get back to those prices or more then you’re never “af” in value but down in price. The only way to make profits consistently is not to hodl. Btc and other major alts have charts that you can learn to play all day. Even if it’s just 1% moves, which if you do 10 times a day you just added 10.5%. The small caps only pump when btc says to basically.

  10. I’ll just say this to close out 2018. A lot of folks just got into crypto within the last year. Further most of them same folks have never even been interested in investing. My advice to them from over 12 years as a trader. Reading lines on a chart aka tech analysis is only have the battle. You have to take into account the fundamentals of the security (BTC.XRP etc) you are trading. Fundamentals are actually more important than tech analysis because the fundamentals determine the tech analysis. TA is a lagging indicator. Key word being lagging. The faster peeps grasp that fact, the better the decisions will be when it’s time to pull the trigger. And one important thing to remember. About have of crypto day traders just learned TA from the internet. Many of the trendlines, fibs, and other indies will be drawn incorrectly until those individuals get the experience that comes from watching patterns over the years. Happy New Years!

  11. H311 yeah‼️🌈👆🚀🌝 Getting closer. 2 More years of torture folks. Best point is when the market cap spills over 4+ trillion dollars, stability will settle in. Get positioned and let the big dogs push us up. The stock market just [bounced] not rebounding. Regulations will get pushed through. The plan to decouple from the DEBT based federal reserve bills, will shrink in value as we get to feel our taste of the Venezuela bubble bust. GOLD will liberate us as other countries move into this new electronic currency. Global monetary FREEDOM . Focus is now on blockchain/protocol/masternodes. My 2 year push. Build a network of masternodes for passive income. Accumulate & set up more masternodes, harvest when value is ?, & trade for more BTC

  12. Only 365 more videos and were good to go!

    Congratulations on making it halfway through this medium bear market.

    Happy Next Year Everyone!


  13. when some information is public everything will be other way around, not as everyone expects. they majority cannot get rich by trading.

  14. Altcoin Daily Pat each other on the back. Goeie werk. Buying. Add another masternode to the list. 40% purchased on the big one. Will scoop up more next year. Re-evaluated portfolio and sold some off for a loss like a fool but was thinking of taxes for the 12/31 deadline. Fortified in my main investments and doing spring cleaning since XMAS. A neat & clean earning machine. Good luck and may we all prosper.

  15. I use daily RSI to buy and sell in small amounts (10% or so) but never sell entire portfolio because you don’t wanna miss when it skyrocket.

  16. I believe your analysis could benefit from the use of some basic support and resistance lines and trend lines. Also the discussion of chart patterns, such as the possible reverse head and shoulders setting up in the Bitcoin chart.

  17. Don’t look at ANYTHING outside of the top 15.. move your money and play it safe guys like everyone else is doing.
    There is no room for other alts.. the market isbrutaltoo fragile and unforgiving !!

  18. putting some money into small cappotentialscan be valuablemuch like a VC investor would hedge the bets – indien 9 fail and one succeeds, it can make x100 or more, gains unlikely from the top 15 which have already made significant gains (even in a bear market).
    persoonlik, I have some in places like Quant, NIX, crypterium etc, might be risky, but its all a balance of potential gains vs acceptable losses. Learned this from losing substantially from some of thosetop 15which never imagined would fall so low (particularly NEO, ETH and even EOS)

  19. AgreeI was new to trading a year ago, and was a little arrogant about the value of technical analysisnow I see things differently after doing a few courses and listening to EXPERIENCED traders and not shillers (names wont be mentioned…….)
    Still a novice, but I wouldn’t dream of doing some of the buying I did a year agototally nuts (my second ever trade was buying IOTA for $3 not understanding what an ATH is, totally noob at the timecant believe its over a year ago, funny that my first ever trade was XRP and never sold it at its ATHand its still up in BTC value !)

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