HOT GIRL EXPLAINS CRYPTO: Bitcoin, blok ketting & Altcoins | BTC ETH XRP TRX ADA EOS

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VRYWARING: Dit is nie finansiële advies! Dit is 'n vermaak en-opinie gebaseer show. Ek is nie 'n finansiële adviseur. Asseblief net belê wat jy kan bekostig om te verloor, en ons moedig u aan om jou eie navorsing te doen voordat 'n belegging. DYOR!

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HOT GIRL EXPLAINS CRYPTO: Bitcoin, blok ketting & Altcoins | BTC ETH XRP TRX ADA EOS

23 kommentaar

  1. I don’t know what fucking stars aligned to bring this into reality but I’m so grateful they did lmao

  2. If that’s your girlfriend???? U da man!!!!!!!! Richard Heart tried doing something similar and took a bath:)
    I’m cool with it, she was awesome.
    I don’t know what it is but I found myself watching it three times I’m trying to learn about crypto as much as possible!

  3. Much pleasant to watch than Tone Vays interview. Smarter, sexier, funnier and more humble.
    Thank you guys 😉

  4. You know you’re getting old when you watch something like this and wonder why the pineapple has dissapeared again.

  5. Must Buy Evo. I’m not sure why, but I must buy Evo. Goeie werk! That was sexy, funny and informative.

  6. I thought that your all time best video was interviewing Mike (Bloomberg Analysist). But I was wrong!!!!
    There is no question or contest. This is definitely your best video ever!
    Can my like be multiplied by 10,000Just a thought.

  7. Honestly at the end of the day I’m buying EVO, yeah she’s super hot but I don’t know why I didn’t see how this is such a good investment

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