Here we go! Bitcoin Price is testing 2 KEY INDICATORS!! RIGHT NOW! [Crypto Nuus]

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VS. national debt tops $22 trillion for the first time

You Can Now Buy a Subaru Using Litecoin

You Can Now Buy a Subaru Using Litecoin

Theta wallet released for Android OS with support for Mainnet token swap; Apple iOS version coming soon

World’s 5th Largest Bank Aims to Debut Blockchain Payment Network in 2020

Overstock Founder: Blockchain Can Make Government ‘Incapable of Being Bribed’



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Here we go! Bitcoin Price is testing 2 KEY INDICATORS!! RIGHT NOW! [Crypto Nuus]

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  1. The current resistance line we are trying to break above goes back to December 29/30 van 2017. Feel free to draw a line on the daily, 4 hour, or hourly from now all the way back to that December date and you will see it is a major line as price action fluctuated around it. The current support line which is forming the overall short term pennant dates back to Jan 27, last month. The only thing holding us up is that support line and the 4 hour EMA ribbon. I’d love to get above the resistance line, but I’m not going to hold my breath just yet.

  2. I just downloaded the Iota Trinity wallet and been playing around with it for a few days and it is really nice. It’s not glitchy at all like a lot of other wallets I use. Doesn’t take 3 hours to sync with the blockchain. The coins actually show up every time I shut down and restart the computer without delay. Took like 10 minutes to set up. I’m very impressed. I’m surprised no one talks about Iota anymore. Is there something I’m missing? Please, if anyone has any FUD I’d like to know cause i’m Seriously thinking about taking a larger position. They have a YouTube channel and put out hours and hours of content. They seem to be on point. I’d like any comments or opinions

  3. Been scalping LTC lately. My buy signal today hit at $40.70, went down to $40.50 and reversed. Where weekly head and shoulders and the inverse head and shoulders patterns have been supremely predictive of price movements, lesser timeframes are taking over. Something is looming large in cryptos. There is just no denying it.

  4. Oh by the way. The prices will go up when the powers that be take there foot of them. And not before.!!! ( Not Financial advise ) But we are getting closer….

  5. TonyLittleNutz coordinator, low ctps ,a drama with Roman semko team. I hold a year iota, saw a lot .some problems in iota team, sorry for my poor English

  6. 3k to 4k accumulation range for about 9 maande. Fill up your bags and ignore FUD. Not many weak hands left so they have to create these P&D to steal coins from amateurs.

  7. +Altcoin Daily thanks for your reply.. We really love it when youtubers appreciate their viewers.. Wish you the best 👍

  8. I right there with the overstock CEO. For the past 2 jaar, Ive been saying, we as the american people need blockchain in our government. Im tired of the government spending millions of tax payers money without a proper public paper trail.

    There is no reason that i shouldnt be able to track MY TAX monies to the proper channels that they need to go. This will keep our politicians in check and wouldnt be able to overspend.

  9. +Crypto Messia I am buying for months now,this is a good time,maybe it will go under 3K,if so ill buy more.

  10. +Goku SS Blue Doing the same. 3k(2,900 precisely) is big support since the last bull run so big money betting big at that level while keeping the sheep outta the way with Fud about lower prices

  11. I’ve used the Trinity wallet for awhile now and agree with your sentiments. It’s fairly intuitive and easy.

    I’ve had to switch nodes before because the one i was using wasn’t working but it wasn’t a big deal to fix.

    Haven’t really paid attention to mIOTA in awhile though. Maybe they are doing good things behind the scenes

  12. We covered them a lot when the hardfork happened. If they make news again I will for sure talk about them. Personally tho I’m not into either.

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