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  1. ehhh stellar logobtc eth and esp eos looks the coolest and have deeper meaning. that crypto movie is cringe worthyand the title is cheesy af lol

  2. Release of Crypto movie is conveniently timed. Anybody else feel a storm brewing? 🚀🌛

  3. guys look like best investment is ETH and some ALTS which still in working in ETH blockchain. they ill make alot of gains.

  4. I lost £10,000 from £200 purchase of bitcoin in 2014 as it was lost when i tried to retreive after the hike……. it motivated me to make money online and im doing well now

  5. I thought the story about Bearableguy123 getting burned by the retired xrp engineer was pretty interesting today 🙂

  6. Kurt Russell getting paid in BTC? Kurt Russel the reason for the increased transaction volume?

  7. Be happy, crypto daily. We may still to dip a little more, but I will buy in at around btc 2.5k.

  8. I was buying gold bullion also back then, physical form of gold is best now in my opinion, crypto can easily be manipulated just like paper money is now but worse

  9. +Altcoin Daily glad I could spread a bit of humor on a somewhat uneventful day in crypto.

  10. i’ve always had the idea of Stellar’s rocketship going to the moon! but yeah i can understand the redesign. In the long run its the right move imo.

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