ETHOS Explained! Cryptocurrency Announcement Made Clear!

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Hey Altcoin Daily Team,
How are you guys doing? Today I wanted to discuss the recent ETHOS news. Shingo Lavine (ETHOS CEO) went on Crypto Crow's channel a few days ago and made a huge announcement. Massive respect for Crypto Crow, so we're going to touch on the important points! Get excited. Watch and let me know what you think.

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**Not financial advice. Just opinion. Do your own research.

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ETHOS Explained! Cryptocurrency Announcement Made Clear!

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Short and sweet, great video with really good info. Been thinking about buying more

  2. I like this project, there seems to be others doing kinda the same. But ethos stands out some how.

  3. HULK likes green charts for sure. Ethos has gotten most of the hype. As for who will win in the end? I wish we knew.

  4. Iam betting on ethos, wish i had enough money to put in all projects xD. We will see yes

  5. thanks for the video 🙂 if one day you wonder what subject to talk about, skychain might be an interesting subject (medical Ai project)

  6. yes i am invested since pre-ico. what i like the most is that, unlike most of other projects out there, skychain aims to save lifes through neural network training on medical imagery. it’s a platform for different AI systems (like ethereum for example), so they have no competitors at this point. any project involved in medecine is a potential partner. they focus on product quality instead of PR which is why it is unknown atm. the ceo is also very active and transparent on telegram. is the site

  7. Whoop whoop: Netherlands first! Will for sure check it out and will let you know. Thanks for the info I did not know before your video 😎

  8. By the way, did you had the chance to check out the ICO sentinel protocol? Love to know your thoughts on that

  9. I will also invest and will check out the wallet when it will be available in the Netherlands

  10. Rob Winnen honestly forgot all about it. I should have time to check it out this weekend

  11. Good video. However, you did forget to mention their free regular airdrop announcements for those pre registering with the Ethos wallet.

  12. I think Ethos is a really interesting project and I have been an investor since it was BitQuence since I really believe in the idea. Since trading crypto is such a big business this is going to be huge. Actually watched the interview but you did a very nice summary!
    Sidenote, also like your Privacy coin video but I would have liked to have seen some more coins in there (than just he big three) since it is such an interesting topic right now. With governements and banks trying to inforce legislations and restrictions on cryptos I think privacy coins will be the way to go for true decentralization. A few recommendations: CloakCoain, PivX, DeepOnion and Spectre are a couple I am keeping my eye on. Is this a topic you might revisit?

  13. You opinions are all agreeable. Privacy coins become a hype now days especially for some freedom lovers like me and i have Cloackcoin and DeepOnion in holds now for i do believe in the potentials of this coins and never failed my expectations so far. Hope to see a video updates about it soon here along with other privacy coins that has big possibility to soar.

  14. Mr Ebenezar thanks man. Yes I need to do a comparison on the others. I just didn’t want that first video to be 30 minutes long. Gonna do one in the future.

  15. Really cool of you to take time and answer. And I understand your point, It is kind of nice not having too long videos and instead splitting it up. Looking forward to more videos and of course especially the privacy one. Keep it up!

  16. I own some ethos. That being said this is the kind of project that could just disappear or get strung out forever. Worries me.

  17. Spynx for sure. I’m following them on all social media now to try and keep up to date

  18. Mr_E_Man 007 this is what happeneds to lower cap coins in a bear market. Just a product of the market

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