EOS Simply Explained! Why this blockchain 3.0 platform might dominate crypto infrastructure

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We hope this EOS 'in a nutshell' explanation helps get your head wrapped around one of the biggest and most influential projects in the blockchain space. Please enjoy our overview of EOS!

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EOS Simply Explained! Why this blockchain 3.0 platform might dominate crypto infrastructure

26 kommentaar

  1. great video. I have always stayed away from EOS because I thought their promises were just too good to be true. They have been hyping this coin like it does everything including the dishes. I decided I was going to invest in one of the 3rd gen platforms, and I went with ADA because I like their approach with peer reviews and such. And they arent promising the world….Perhaps I am wrong. EOS is obviously doing something right. Natuurlik, my biggest holding is VECHAIN, and I think people are starting to realize that they are aiming much higher than just another supply chain coin. I’m actually considering moving half of my cardano into vechain. I bought at .14cents so it wouldnt be a total waste…..but it’s tough to sell at .25 when it was above .40 last week…….natuurlik, when they were up at .40, vechain was up around 5.50……

  2. wow, you must have an awesome life. LMAO I’m flattered you took the time out of your busy schedule to tell me that you dont care. Now why dont you head over to a gay porn site and just randomly quote how you are ‘not interested in that sort of thing

  3. francis james oh since you said perhaps you are wrong. 🙂 that is why i agreed lol. All kidding aside i do think ADA has a bit to go and alot more coins that it will take a long time to get some momentum going. I really cant say anything about vchain as i dont know much about it but have heard nothing but great things about it. I just whish i would have known about it when it was in its ico stage.

  4. Nice to see ya Giveing eos some love brother man 🙂 eos one platform to rule them all

  5. Still several airdrops coming that will be based on snapshots prior to mainnet launch. Then there a quite a few that will be based on snapshots after the EOS ERC20 tokens are frozen. Then there are the airdrops that will be based on ownership in the genesis block. Then there is the possibility of side chains that will include the genesis block. Then there is the possibility or clone chains that will incorporate the genesis block.
    Then you need to factor in the DApp announcements that will follow soon after mainnet launch and even more airdrops

    Maybe the market has already factored this in but I doubt it.

  6. Yeahhhh I’d still be very careful w EOS. They have a great marketing/PR team. ..

    The entire market is waiting on Ethereum. Casper is what is going to be the catalyst for the next bull run. If I held EOS I would ride the wave up, and without being too greedy — dump and exit the position for ETH at the end of Decemberish. Just remember that EOS is trying to solve ONLY Scalability(and in a bizarre way mind you). Ethereum and its enormous ecosystem of developers are trying to solve Scalability AND Security AND Decentralization.

  7. high cap coins can still have huge growth. in 2017 , Ripple ranked #3 still at that time was the most explosive growth

  8. Bitcoin can run freely on EOS, any any Dapp on ether can jump over to eos and investors tokens will follow seamlessly , incredible .

  9. Forget market cap, means nothing because you can’t measure a new paradigm with the old one!

  10. Can you do a video on some low market cap coins that you think have a chance to be big like below 150M

  11. Jorge rubio. Cardano is superior to EOS. dan larimer is a schmuck. the guy can’t even finish projects he startedit makes me wonder what they are going to do with the 2+ billion they’ve raise with only 4 officially people on the project. if you’re switching your ADA to EOS, you’re just giving into the timecycle hype. after EOS launches mainnet i’m sure big traders will sell the news. you buy things when they are cheap. not when they are over hyped and over priced.

  12. Vechain is one of the most legit projects there is and will most likely enter top 10 before end of the year. Passive Thor income cant be ignored. When they do the 1:100 split the price is going to shoot up quite a bit.

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