EOS Price Will Hit $100 per Coin | WHAT WILL IT TAKE? [Crypto | Bitcoin | Altcoin Review]

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Hey Altcoin Daily Team!!

Ja! Jy is nou eers soos hierdie video. Today I want to talk EOS.

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What is EOS?

Deep Dive Review into EOS (Desember 2018)

Why Is Trading Volume So Important?

Why Is Trading Volume So Important?

Huobi EOS Exchange

Huobi EOS Exchange finally goes live; om te bou “benign EOS ecosystem

Free Transactions

EOS Key Features

Deep Dive Review into EOS (Desember 2018)


Dapp Radar

Microsoft C++

EOS – Example Exchange Contract and Benefits of C++

EOS Unbeaten. Remains 1st on China’s latest CCID Rank

EOS Unbeaten. Remains 1st on China’s latest CCID Rank


soos. Betaal.

#EOS #Crypto #Invest

***Nie finansiële raad! JUST MENING! EK IS nie 'n kenner! JY nodig het om jou eie navorsing te doen en maak jou eie besluite! Dit is net vermaak! GEBRUIK ALTCOIN daagliks as 'n vertrekpunt off punt!

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EOS Price Will Hit $100 per Coin | WHAT WILL IT TAKE? [Crypto | Bitcoin | Altcoin Review]

42 kommentaar

  1. You forgot to mention about 4B of money they raised from ICO, and another billion from VCs. You forgot to mention about sister chains or forks (TELOS, WORBLI, MEET.ONE, WAX, Everipedia etc), about a lot of worldwide hackathons, about eosfinex, REX, recent EOS Canada referendum smart contract, about powerful tools and wallets like Scatter or EOSX, about fast block explorers, convenient lending platform like Chintai. EOS must bomb for sure. And I’m talking not about the price itself, but about development, evolution and adoption.

  2. Nice video as always, 👍👏

    One real competitor for EOS is IOST. It’s more decentralized. App developers have no fees to pay. In fact they earn certain percentage of the transaction fees. Investors also earn rewards for voting. Becoming a Servi node is much easier and the voters get 50% of the block rewards. Check it out.

  3. I have heard a lot of negative things about Dan Larimer, but aside from those allegations he is a smart guy and did a lot of successful projects.
    I think EOS will do good besides the negative things surrounding Dan.

  4. Find value? Every video you make has value no matter what people believe. Takes effort and dedication to do what you do buddy. Great Job👍

  5. ROBETCOIN will defiantly hit 100$ when the live betting platform will go up, if you want to find the next great coin in crypto and you love betting explore them!
    So underrated right now, only 800k in the circulating supply.
    After their public sale when players will start betting and the supply will be released to the public the market cap is currently in the top 30, remember where you heard it first 🙂

  6. Waitting for capitulation before I buy my bag. $20 ATH, $100 new ATH is only a 5x and if the next bull market is anything like the mania we saw back in 2017, it should be a conservative prediction by all means unless something fundamentally happens with the platform itself

  7. Still pretty green to crypto, and only using coinbase right now, but started a Kraken acct. Looking into this, XRP, tron, and Stellar. Good info. Weereens dankie.

  8. Tron is amongst others in my portfolio. I’m now contemplating EOS after watching this video, much appreciated.

  9. Ha I could easily see it falling to $1.50 within the next 2-3 maande. I’m talking about more long term.

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