Elite bitcoin trader exposes crypto crash, market manipulation, fake TA experts and Tether!

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Elite bitcoin trader exposes crypto crash, market manipulation, fake TA experts and Tether!

47 kommentaar

  1. Ja! I am a crypto believer and I am still buying. I learned my lessons over the past 10 maande. Although I am down on my portfolio value, I am still buying via dollar cost averaging. I truly believe the current prices will be laughably low in a few months or a year from now. I take the risk of lower prices on the short term for granted, knowing that the prices will be much higher on the long term. I am not taking the risk of not having invested what I could (because of I was waiting for lower prices) and then not take full advantage of the bull run. For me buying more crypto until the bull run begins is a no braine and with the help of Sunny decree , I am able to increase my bitcoin portfolio, 26 btc and counting Thanks to his trading strategies and signals. surely now i am expectant of the bullrun. feel free to him even if you’ve already been REKT or want to make serious gains from crypto, instead of just hodling and wishing for the best in a market manipulated by whales. His consulting email is *(decreetrading55@gmail. com) or via telegram: +17867086375 ...

  2. Uploaded 16 minutes ago…..upload 1 hour long….29 likes alreadythat’s the faith your audience have for your channelthumbs up before they’ve watched the upload. Edit: I’ve subbed to the guy’s channel.

  3. Hey Peter, welcome and pleasure to have ya in.. I completely agree Elliot has a damn good thing going on here. Much love to FudTV!

  4. Pro crypto channel. Fud TV everyone. If you are new follow this channel for educational purposes. Very professional channel.

  5. haha thanks Peter, you’ve been an amazing supporter of the channel and I always look forward to your insights and comments! LISTEN TO KROWN!! He will not steer you wrong. 🚀

  6. Quite funny he’s brought up DataDash. ‘Number onecrypto YouTube channel but I only lasted about 1 month listening to the guy. Comes over in an untrusted way. When I found out he got a huge kick back from Substratum without telling his audience, I was proven right. Another channel I’d not recommend is Altcoin Buzz. His subs obviously wouldn’t agree with that though. Throw enough darts and one will stick.

  7. Sunny Decree is a fucking crook, dude was shilling bitconnect and USI tech during the crypto bubble. He’s a snake, and Sandra is probably one of,his spam bots

  8. The guy is on adderall, but full of knowledge; eye opener for me. Elliot was looking depressed after taking the red pill hahahthanks for the content fud

  9. +edit name Agree. It’s taken me 12+ months to clear the clutter but I feel I get value out of the ones I follow now.

  10. Thanks for having Krown on your program! Krown has been the light in the complete darkness of this bear market.

  11. After Krown announced this interview I got super excited !!! Great interview and pick of trader, not some BS analyst

  12. Krown is the only trader i respect on youtube. I got his TA program / courses, learned from him as much as i could, and finally starting to make money.

  13. This was freaking fascinating. Never heard Krown before, but he has kind of a Quentin Tarantino vibe if you close your. eyes and just listen. One of the great things about this insane bearish trend is that not only is it shaking out the weak money but it seems to be exposing the fake, scamming YouTube hacks who made their bones in 2017 during the parabolic rise, when my miniature schnauzer could have called out the set ups and made tons of $$$. In elk geval, thanks for introducing those of us who were unaware of Krown. He will become a regular view for sure.

  14. +FUD TV Glad to see Krown on here also, was interesting to see 2 of my favorite CryptoTubers collide like this.

  15. +edit name I follow a few. Here are the ones I watch the most. I don’t agree with everything they say obviously, but I enjoy their content and are worth a watch. Aimstone, Altcoin Daily, Box Mining, Blockchain Brad, Blue Collar Crypto, Chico Crypto, Crypt0, Crypto Zombie, I love Crypto, Nuggets News, Ready Set Crypto, Sunny Decree, Die Crypto Lark, The Dollar Vigilante.

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