Elastos (ELA) Merged Mining EXPLAINED! Plus Ontology (ONT) Updates!

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Hey Altcoin Daily Team!!

Ja! Jy is nou eers soos hierdie video. Today I want to talk about Elastos merged mining and the LATEST Ontology news!


How Bitcoin Mining works

What is Merged Mining? | A Potential Solution to 51% Attacks

What is merged mining – Bitcoin & Namecoin – Litecoin & Dogecoin?
ELA Weekly Updates

Elastos Unveils Merged Mining Partnership With Bitmain

Ontology Added to Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS Marketplaces


soos. Betaal.

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***Nie finansiële raad! JUST MENING! EK IS nie 'n kenner! JY nodig het om jou eie navorsing te doen en maak jou eie besluite! Dit is net vermaak! GEBRUIK ALTCOIN daagliks as 'n vertrekpunt off punt!

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Elastos (ELA) Merged Mining EXPLAINED! Plus Ontology (ONT) Updates!

23 kommentaar

  1. Awesome news team AA,
    Recently I was buying ONT & EOS. Never bought elastos.
    May be now I have to think for adding some.

  2. To be most honest i have no crystal ball and have invested on the wrong project before, but with the bad news coming out of bitmain and the proof of stake model likely to overtake proof of work, due to countries removing power subsisdies i am not feeling Elastos right now. Guranteed to lambo now 🙂

  3. +Altcoin Daily 90 ela 🙂 a little also dgtx a little neo gas eos and i really miss ada and btc but very happy and digging 🙂

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